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Ricardo Otheguy
Position: Professor
Phone: 212-817-8506
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., The City University of New York
Research Interests: sociolinguistics, language contact, functional linguistics
Ricardo Otheguy is professor of Linguistics at the City University of New York's Graduate Center. His publications in theoretical linguistics are in the areas of Spanish linguistics, functional grammar, and the Spanish of the United States. His publications in applied linguistics have been in the area of bilingual education and the teaching of Spanish to native speakers of Spanish.
Professor Otheguy has participated in national and international conferences throughout the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and has lectured and conducted research in universities and research centers in several countries, including Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and Uruguay.
Professor Otheguy is the founding director of the CUNY Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society, which conducts basic and applied research in urban linguistics, bringing to bear the research resources of the City University of New York on urban language issues.
He is the author of numerous research papers that have appeared in the major research journals and anthologies. He is co-editor of Language Across Cultures/Cultures Across English: A reader in cross cultural communication. He has developed textbook materials for the teaching of Spanish to Latino students in the United States, and is co-author of Tu Mundo: Curso para hispanohablantes, and of Prueba de ubicación para hispanohablantes. He has also written Spanish materials for English speaking students, and is co-author of the most widely used high school Spanish textbook in the U.S., En español.
He holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the City University of New York (1976), as well as degrees and diplomas in Spanish from Louisiana State University, the City College of New York, and the University of Madrid, Spain.

Research Projects


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