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The CUNY Second Language Acquisition Lab

The CUNY Second Language Acquisition Lab is the center for study of language acquisition at the Graduate Center. Its main objective is to conduct cross-linguistic research on the acquisition of non-primary languages in children and adults, comparing it to first language acquisition so as to discover universal characteristics of language development as well as differences between primary and non-primary language acquisition. The SLA lab is both a research and a teaching lab. Students interested in language acquisition have the opportunity to participate in grant-funded research projects and to conduct studies of their own under the supervision of Professor Gita Martohardjono.

The laboratory is in room 7393, phone: 212-817-8524, or email at:

Please check out our website!

The Audio-Aligned and Parsed Corpus of Appalachian English (AAPCAppE)

The Audio-Aligned and Parsed Corpus of Appalachian English is an in-progress project. The ultimate product will be a 1-million word corpus of Appalachian English, with two basic components:

  • Transcripts which are time-aligned with the speech signal, and fully text-searchable
  • A part-of-speech tagged and parsed version of the transcripts

Please visit the project website for more info.

Computational Laboratory

There are several faculty and research laboratories studying computational linguistics at CUNY. For more information about the research community in computational linguistics at CUNY, including special events and seminars, please visit the NLP at CUNY webpage.

Psycholinguistics Laboratory

CUNY’s Psycholinguistics Lab undertakes experimental studies of human sentence processing, with an emphasis on cross-linguistic research. Its facilities supporting on- and off-site data collection are made available to students and faculty pursuing individual and collaborative projects. Several current projects focus on the syntax-prosody interface.