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If you would like to be added, please print out and submit the FERPA form (include your email and research interests) to Nishi.

Building your own page using Website Services

The Graduate Center provides each student with a 2 GB webspace where you can host your page through the GC Website Service (WS) (Note: The GC doesn't allow students to access their webspace via FTP).  This site provides an easy way to set up just about any kind of web site you need, from a conference site, to a CV site, to a general interest blog. The tools are provided to get your web presence up and running with minimal web design experience or coding knowledge. Just sign in using your Graduate Center account and then select the type of website you would like to build from the list. If you are looking to create a site that is not among the options available, just choose the general site option and start building a site from scratch.

  • Daniel Barry | email | website |
    Research Interests: historical linguistics, contact linguistics, phonology, phonemic inventories.

  • Taletha Callahan-Kanik | email |
    Research Interest(s): Semantics, Japanese Linguistics

  • Jack Castronovo | email | website |
    Research Interest(s): Second Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, Functional/Cognitive Linguistics, Semiotics

  • Zhuting Chang | email |
    Research Interest(s): Loanword Phonology

  • Caroline Fraga | email |
    Research Interest(s): Syntax, comparative syntax, morphology

  • Hussein Ghaly | email | website |
    Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Language Acquisition, Prosody

  • Syelle Graves | email | website

  • Jennifer Hamano | email | website |
    Research interest(s): bilingualism, second language acquisition, assessment development

  • Ingrid Heidrick | email |

  • Kevin Hughes | email |
    Research Interest(s): Endangered Languages, Language Documentation and Description, Functional Linguistics, Diachrony and Synchrony

  • Rose Hurley | email | webpage |
    Research Interest(s): Semantics, Prosody, Syntax, Interface of Syntax/Semantics/Prosody, Processing, Psycholinguistics/ Experimental Linguistics

  • Darlene Intlekofer | email | email2 | webpage |
    Research Interest(s): phonetics; laboratory phonology; prosody; Austronesian languages, particularly Tagalog

  • Sarah Kresh | email |

  • Yeonju Lee | email |
    Research Interest(s): syntax, syntax & semantics interface, syntax & pragmatics interface

  • Michael Madden | email | website |
    Research Interest(s): Phonology and Computational Linguistics

  • Christen N Madsen II | email | website |
    Research Interest(s):  Loanword Phonology, Metathesis, Speech Perception, Language Documentation (iKota)

  • Andrew McCormick | email |
    Research Interest(s): Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, functional linguistics, pragmatics

    • Michelle Renee Morales | email | website |
      Research Interests: Natural Language Processing and machine learning

    • Corbin Neuhauser | email | website 
      Research Interest(s): Syntax, Morphology, and Diachronic Syntax

    • Chaya R. Nove | email |
      Research Interest(s): sociolinguistics, language variation and change, Hasidic Yiddish

    • Sejin Oh | email | website
      Research Interest(s): Articulatory phonetics, Laboratory phonology, Second language acquisition, and Prosody

    • Tyler Peckenpaugh | email |
      Research Interest(s): Syntax, Prosody, Human Sentence Processing

    • Joseph Pentangelo | email | website
      Research Interest(s): Morphology, Historical Linguistics, Etymology, Germanic languages

    • Rachel Rakov | email | website
      Research Interest(s): Computational Linguistics, Prosody, Speech

    • Danielle Ronkos | email | website
      Research Interest(s): Language Documentation, Phonology, Tonogenesis

    • T. Leo Schmitt | email |
      Research Interest(s): Onomastics, Sociolinguistics, SLA, Language and Culture

    • Kathryn O'Shields | email |
      Research Interest(s): Pragmatics, Metaphor, Simile, Philosophy of Language, Semantics

    • Lauren Spradlin | email | website |
      Research Interest(s): English phonology and morphophonology, slang, historical linguistics, typology

    • Matthew Glenn Stuck | email |
      Research Interests: Sociophonetics, Language Variation and Change, SLA, and bilingualism

    • Purnima Thakur | email |

    • Emily C. Wilson | email |

    • Namseok Yong email
      Research Interest (s): Psycholinguistics, Syntax, FLA, Neurolinguistics