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Anshel, Michael (Emeritus)
Interests: combinatorial group theory, algebraic cryptography.
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, City College of New York

Apter, Arthur
Interests: mathematical logic, set theory .
Room: 4432, 212-817-8143,, Baruch College

Arguin , Louis - Pierre
Interests: Probability, Stochastic Processes, Statistical Mechanics.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, Baruch College

Artemov, Sergei
Interests: logic, artificial intelligence, automated deduction,verification, optimal control.
Room: 4319, 212 817-8661,, Graduate Center

Baider, Alberto
Interests: analysis, dynamical systems, Hamiltonian systems.
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, Hunter College

Basmajian, Ara
Interests: hyperbolic geometry, Riemann surfaces, geometric structures on manifolds .
Room: 4307, 212-817-8553 ,, Hunter College

Behrstock, Jason A
Interests: topology, geometry, group theory, especially geometric group theory low dimensional topology, complex analysis, Riemann surfaces,Teichmueller theory .
Room: 4217-02, 212-817-8567,, Lehman College

Bendersky, Martin
Interests: algebraic topology .
Room: 4303, 212-817-8556,, Hunter College

Calinescu, Corina
Interests: Lie Algebra, Combinatoric.
Room: 4305, 212-817-8572,, New York City College of Technology

Champanerkar, Abhijit
Interests: topology, geometry .
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, College of Staten Island

Chavel, Isaac (Emeritus)
Interests: Riemannian Geometry, Laplacian and the Heat Operator on Riemannian Manifolds, Geometric Inequalities.
Room: 4305, 212-817-8572, , City College of New York

Chinta, Gautam
Interests: number theory, automorphic forms.
Room: 4213, 212-817-8561 ,, City College of New York

Churchill, Richard
Interests: differential Galois theory, differential algebra, Hamiltonian dynamics, dynamical systems.
Room: 4213, (212) 817-8561,, Hunter College

Cleary, Sean
Interests: geometric group theory, combinatorial group theory, computational group theory.
Room: 4217.02, 212-817-8567,, City College of New York

Dodziuk, Józef
Interests: analysis, topology, and geometry for manifolds, cell complexes and graphs.
Room: 4214.04, 212-817-8541,, Queens College

Dolich, Alfred
Interests: mathematical logic, model theory, o-minimality, generalizations, classification theory, computable model theory.
Room: 4432, 212-817-8142,, Kingsborough Community College

Douglas, Andrew
Interests: Lie algebras, Lie groups, representation theory, mathematical physics.
Room: 4217.02, (212)817-8567,, New York City College of Technology

Feigon, Brooke
Interests: number theory, automorphic forms, representation theory.
Room: 4213, 212-817-8561,, City College of New York

Feldman, Edgar (Emeritus)
Interests: differential geometry, partial differential equations.
Room: 4214.08 , (212) 817-8538,, Graduate Center

Fitting, Melvin (Emeritus)
Interests: logic, computer science .
Room: 4411, 212-817-8206,, Lehman College

Foldes, Antonia
Interests: probability theory.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, College of Staten Island

Fuchs, Gunter
Interests: mathematical logic, set theory, forcing large cardinals, inner model theory .
Room: 4432, 212-817- 8143,, College of Staten Island

Gamburd, Alexander
Interests: analysis, number theory, probability, combinatorics .
Room: , 212-817-8539,, CUNY Graduate Center

Gardiner, Frederick (Emeritus)
Interests: Complex analysis, Teichmuller theory, dynamical systems .
Room: 4308, 212-817-8552,, Brooklyn College|Graduate Center

Hadjiliadis, Olympia
Interests: statistical surveillance, sequence detection .
Room: 4439, 212-817-8576,, Hunter College

Hamkins, Joel David
Interests: logic set theory .
Room: 4432, 212-817-8143,, College of Staten Island

Handel, Michael
Interests: dynamical systems, geometric group theory, topology.
Room: 4303, (212) 817-8556,, Lehman College

Hindes, Wade
Interests: Number Theory.
Room: 4217.01, (212)817-8564,,

Hoobler, Raymond (Emeritus)
Interests: algebraic geometry, algebraic K-theory.
Room: 4214.11, (212) 817-8534,, City College of New York

Hooper, W. Patrick
Interests: dynamical systems, geometry, Teichmüller theory.
Room: 4217.02, 212-817-8567,, City College of New York

Hu, Jun
Interests: dynamical systems, analysis.
Room: 4301, 212-817-8559, 212-817-8560,, Brooklyn College

Huang, Zeno
Interests: complex analysis, Teichmuller theory, geometric analysis. .
Room: 4308, 212-817-8552,, College of Staten Island

Jiang, Yunping
Interests: dynamical systems.
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, Queens College

Jordan, Bruce
Interests: number theory .
Room: 4214-11, (212) 817-8534,, Baruch College

Jorgenson, Jay A.
Interests: spectral geometry, analytic number theory .
Room: 4213, (212) 817-8561,, City College of New York

Kaplan, Stanley (Emeritus)
Interests: partial differential equations .
Room: 4308, (212) 817-8552,, City College of New York

Karp, Leon
Interests: differential geometry, partial differential equations .
Room: 4305, (212) 817-8572,, Lehman College

Keen, Linda
Interests: Teichmuller Theory, Hyperbolic geometry of three manifolds and Complex Dynamical Systems .
Room: 4203, (212) 817- 8531,, Lehman College

Kharlampovich, Olga
Interests: group theory, algebra, logic, algorithmic, geometric, combinatorial group theory .
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, Hunter College

Klosin, Krzysztof
Interests: algebraic number theory.
Room: 4214.11, 212-817-8534,, Queens College

Kofman, Ilya
Interests: geometric topology, knot theory.
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, College of Staten Island

Kolyvagin, Victor
Interests: number theory..
Room: 4214.09, (212) 817-8537,,

Koranyi, Adam
Interests: Harmonic analysis; Lie groups; symmetric spaces; complex variables; quasi-conformal mappings in several complex variables.
Room: 4305, (212) 817-8572,, Lehman College

Kossak, Roman
Interests: mathematical logic, model theory, nonstandard models of arithmetic .
Room: 4432, (212) 817-8142,, Bronx Community College

Kosygina, Elena
Interests: probability, stochastic processes, partial differential equations.
Room: 4214.07, (212) 817-8575,, Baruch College

Kramer, Kenneth
Interests: algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry.
Room: 4214.11, (212) 817-8534,, Queens College

Kulkarni, Ravi S. (Emeritus)
Interests: differential geometry, Riemann surfaces, discontinuous groups.
Room: 4302, (212) 817-8557,, Queens College

Lakic, Nikola
Interests: complex analysis, Riemann surfaces, Teichmuller theory.
Room: 4308, 212-817-8552,, Lehman College

Lee, Dan
Interests: geometric analysis, general relativity .
Room: 4301, 212-817-8559,, Queens College

Lewittes, Joseph (Emeritus)
Interests: complex analysis, Riemann surfaces, number theory.
Room: 4214.11, (212) 817-8534,, Lehman College

Lucia, Marcello
Interests: partial differential equations, calculus of variations, nonlinear analysis, geometric inequalities.
Room: 4301, 212-817-8560,, College of Staten Island

Maher, Joseph
Interests: geometric, topology .
Room: 4307, 212-817-8554,, College of Staten Island

Malkevitch, Joseph (Emeritus)
Interests: geometry, combinatorics, graph theory, mathematical modeling, mathematics education.
Room: 4301, 212-817-8559,, York College

Marcus, Michael (Emeritus)
Interests: probability.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, City College of New York

Máté, Attila
Interests: logic, set theory, computer science.
Room: 4213, 212-817-8561,, Brooklyn College

Mayeli, Azita
Interests: abstract and classical harmonic analysis, Fourier analysis and representation theory; Functional analysis, Approximation, irregular and regular sampling theory; Interpolation theory, Study of interpolation and function spaces, signal processing..
Room: 4214.14, 212-817-8532,, Queensborough Community College

Medvedev, Alice
Interests: Model Theory (a branch of mathematical logic), Difference Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory.
Room: 4217.02, (212)817-8567,, City College of New York

Merenkov, Sergiy
Interests: quasiconformal geometry, analysis on metric spaces.
Room: 4213, 212-817-8561,, City College of New York

Miasnikov, Alexei
Interests: group theory, computational group theory.
Room: 4214.07, (212) 817-8575,,

Miller, Russell
Interests: mathematical logic, computability theory.
Room: 4432, 212-817-8142,, Queens College

Mitra, Sudeb
Interests: complex analysis, Teichmuller spaces.
Room: 4308, 212-817-8552,, Queens College

Moreno, Carlos
Interests: model theory,algebra,differential equations.
Room: 4214.11, (212) 817-8534,, Baruch College

Moskowitz, Martin (Emeritus)
Interests: Lie groups, algebraic groups, homogeneous spaces.
Room: 4214.10, 212-817-8538,, Graduate Center

Nagloo , Ronnie
Interests: [Visiting Assistant Professor].
Room: 4217.01, 212-817-8564,,

Nathanson, Melvyn
Interests: number theory.
Room: 4302, (212) 817-8557,, Lehman College

O’Bryant, Kevin
Interests: combinatorics, number theory.
Room: 4302, 212-817-8558,, College of Staten Island

O'Sullivan, Cormac
Interests: number theory, automorphic forms.
Room: 4214.11, 212-817-8534,, Bronx Community College

Ovchinnikov, Alexey
Interests: differential and difference algebra, differential algebraic groups,differential and difference Galois theory,symbolic computation, representation theory..
Room: 4213, 212-817-8561,, Queens College

Pan, Victor
Interests: design and analysis of algorithms numerical methods.
Room: 4305, 212-817-8572 or 914-737-2637,, Lehman College

Parikh, Rohit
Interests: logic, computer science and philosophy.
Room: 4418, 212-817-8197,, Brooklyn College

Preston, Stephen
Interests: Partial Differential Equations, Riemannian Geometry, Global Analysis.
Room: 4303, (718) 951-5000 x2722,, Brooklyn College

Pribitkin, Vladimir
Interests: number theory and automorphic forms .
Room: 4303, 212-817-8556,, College of Staten Island

Randol, Burton (Emeritus)
Interests: analysis.
Room: 4305, (212) 817-8573,, Graduate Center

Rocha, Alvany
Interests: Lie theory .
Room: 4214.11, (212) 817-8535,, Baruch College

Rosen, Jay
Interests: probability theory.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8574,, College of Staten Island

Rothmaler, Philipp
Interests: logic and, specifically, model theoretic algebra.
Room: 4432, 212-817-8143,, Bronx Community College

Sabitova, Maria
Interests: algebraic number theory and representation theory.
Room: 4217.01, 212-817-8564,, Queens College

Santoro, Bianca
Interests: complex geometry, geometric differential equations, Monge-Ampere Partial differential equations.
Room: 4308, 212-817-8552,, City College of New York

Saric, Dragomir
Interests: dynamics, riemann surfaces, Teichmuller theory .
Room: 4302, 212-817-8558,, Queens College

Schoutens, Hans
Interests: algebraic model theory, commutative algebra,algebraic geometry .
Room: 4432, 212-817-8142,, New York City College of Technology

Sheingorn, Mark (Emeritus)
Interests: geodesics and other curves on modular surfaces, fuchsian groups,related matters .
Room: 4301, (212) 817-8559,, Baruch College

Shneerson, Lev M.
Interests: combinatorial semigroup theory.
Room: 4213, (212) 817-8561,, Hunter College

Shpilrain, Vladimir
Interests: group theory, commutative algebra, cryptography, complexity algorithms.
Room: 4208, 212-817-8575,, City College of New York

Shub, Michael (Emeritus)
Interests: dynamical systems, complexity theory of computations.
Room: 4214.05, 212-817-8539,,

Sibner, Robert
Interests: analysis, geometry, gauge theory .
Room: 4213, (212) 817-8561,, Brooklyn College

Sormani, Christina
Interests: Riemannian geometry, metric spaces.
Room: 4302, 212-817-8567,, Lehman College

Steinberg, Benjamin
Interests: Semigroups, groups, representation theory, automata and formal Language theory.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, City College of New York

Sullivan, Dennis
Interests: topology, geometry, dynamical systems.
Room: 4214-12, (212) 817-8578,, CUNY Graduate Center

Sussan, Joshua
Interests: Representation Theory, Quantum, Topology.
Room: 4301, (212)817-8559,, Medgar Evers College

Szabo, Zoltan I.
Interests: differential geometry.
Room: 4301, (212) 817-8559,, Lehman College

Szpiro, Lucien
Interests: commutative algebra, diophantine geometry, arithmetic algebraic geometry.
Room: 4214-01, (212) 817-8542,, CUNY Graduate Center

Terilla, John
Interests: algebraic topology, differential geometry, topological quantum field theory, deformation theory .
Room: 4214.14 , 212-817-8532,, Queens College

Thompson, Robert
Interests: algebraic topology.
Room: 4214.04, 212-817-8541,, Hunter College

Tradler, Thomas
Interests: algebraic topology, deformation theory.
Room: 4214.14, 212 817-8532,, New York City College of Technology

Van Steirteghem, Bart
Interests: representation theory, algebraic transformation groups, spherical varieties.
Room: 4302, (212)817-8557,, Medgar Evers College

Vasquez, Alphonse T. (Emeritus)
Interests: algebraic topology, differential geometry, Riemann surfaces.
Room: 4214.05, (212) 817-8539,, Graduate Center

Velling, John
Interests: hyperbolic geometry, complex analysis.
Room: 4307, 212-817-8553,, Brooklyn College

Verzani, John
Interests: probability theory.
Room: 4214.07, 212-817-8575,, College of Staten Island

Vukadinovic, Jesenko
Interests: analysis, applied math.
Room: 4301, 212-817-8559,, College of Staten Island

Wilson, Scott
Interests: geometry, topology of manifolds.
Room: 4214.14, 212-817-8532,, Queens College

Wojciechowski, Radoslaw
Interests: Heat equation and heat kernels on infinite graphs, Spectral graph theory, Connections between manifolds and graphs.
Room: 4214.14, 212-817-8532,, York College

Wolf, Christian
Interests: dynamical systems and ergodic.
Room: 4217.02, 212-817-8567,, City College of New York

Yang, Yun
Interests: Dynamical Systems and Smooth Ergotic Theory.
Room: 4217.01, (212)817-8564,, Graduate Center

Zakeri, Saeed
Interests: dynamical systems, complex analysis.
Room: 4301, 212-817-8559,, Queens College

Zamfirescu, Christina
Interests: graph theory, algorithmic combinatorics networks, molecular complexity, intersection digraph representation. .
Room: 4410, 212 -817-8204,, Hunter College

Zeinalian, Mahmoud
Interests: algebraic topology, homotopy theory.
Room: 4214.14, 212-817-8532,, Graduate Center