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Grants and Awards

Recent Faculty Recognition:

National Science Foundation


Ovchinnikov, Alexey [Queens College]
Pan, Victor [Lehman College]

Simons Foundation Collaboration Fellowships


Cleary, Sean [City College]

Maher, Joseph [College of Staten Island]

Steinberg, Benjamin [Lehman College]


Champanerkar, Abhijit [College of Staten Island]

Hamkins, Joel [College of Staten Island]

Jiang, Yunping [Queens College]

Kofman, Ilya [College of Staten Island]

Kosygina, Elena [Baruch College]

Lucia, Marcello [College of Staten Island]

Rosen, Jay [College of Staten Island]

Saric, Dragomir [Queens College]

National Science Foundation grants

Chinta,Gautam [City College] CAREER Grant

Hadjiliadis, Olympia [Brooklyn College]

Handel, Michael [Lehman College]

Keen, Linda [Lehman College]

Kharlampovich, Olga [Hunter College]

Kolyvagin, Victor [Graduate Center]

Miasnikov, Alexei [Graduate Center Adjunct]

Miller, Russell [Queens College]

Ovchinnikov, Alexey [Queens College] CAREER Grant

Saric, Dragomir [Queens College]

Savitova, Maria [Queens College]

Shpilrain, Vladimir [ City College]

Sormani, Christina [Lehman College]

Szpiro, Lucien [Graduate Center]

Vukadinovic, Jessenko [College of Staten Island]

Elected  AMS Fellows

  Baumslag, Gilbert [City College, Emeritus]

  Behrstock, Jason [Lehman College]

  Handel, Michael [Lehman College] 

  Keen, Linda [Lehman College]

  Miasnikov, Alexei [Graduate Center Adjunct]

  Pan, Victor [lehman College]

  Rocha, Alvany  [Baruch College]

  Sullivan, Dennis [Graduate Center]

  Szpiro, Lucien [Graduate Center]

  Vasquez, Alphonse [Graduate Center, Emeritus]

 Sloan Foundation Fellowship:
 Alexey Ovchinnikov  [Queens College] Faculty  Award  2013

 Behrstock, Jason  [Lehman College] 2011

 Wolf Prize in Mathematics  


 Sullivan, Dennis [Graduate Center]

  Other Awards:

   Hadjialiadis, Olympia    NSA Young Investigator Award

    Hamkins, Joel Hamkins   rated 2010 top contributor at Mathoverflow
    Fitting, Melvin    Herbrand Award

    Shpilrain, Vladimir  Fulbright Scholarship

  Other Grants:

    Shpilrain, Vladimir  ONR Grant [2012-2015]

    Shpilrain, Vladimir  NSA Grant  [2012-2014]