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New Faculty

In 2013 the CUNY Graduate Center Mathematics department appointed a new central line faculty member:

Jeremy Kahn   Hyperbolic Geometry and Complex Dynamics, winner of 2012 Clay Mathematics Prize,   NSF funding (PhD 1995, UC Berkeley),   [Graduate Center, Distinguished Professor]

Other central line faculty in the department are

Alexander Gamburd,
Victor Kolyvagin,
Dennis Sullivan,
Lucien Szpiro


Most of the CUNY GC faculty are appointed to the doctoral faculty after being hired at a CUNY College.   They continue to work with undergraduates at the college where they were hired but now teach doctoral courses and in addtition take on the responsibilities of a doctoral faculty member at the CUNY Graduate Center.  New appointments in mathematics over the past five years are listed below:



Appointed in 2013

David R. Finston, Affine Algebraic Geometry, (PhD 1983, UC San Diego), NSF, NSA and NASA funding [Brooklyn College]

W. Patrick Hooper, Dynamical Systems, (PhD 2006, Stony Brook), NSF Postdoc, NSF funding [CCNY]

Bianca Santoro, Complex Geometry and Geometric Differential Equations, (PhD  2006, MIT), NSF Funding [CCNY]

Christian Wolf, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory,  (PhD 1999, Technical University of Munich). [CCNY]

Appointed in 2012

Huang, Zeno:  Complex analysis, Teichmuller theory, geometric analysis. (PhD 2003,  Rice University),   [College of Staten Island]

Ovchinnikov, Alexey: Differential algebra, differential Galois theory, symbolic computation, Representation theory,  ( Ph.D  2008,  Moscow State University,  and Ph.D.  2007, North Carolina State University).  [Queens College]

Steinberg, Benjamin: Semigroups, groups, representation theory, automata and formal language theory, (Ph.D.  1998, University of California at Berkeley).  [CCNY]

Wilson, Scott 0.: Geometry, topology of manifolds (Ph. D 2005, Stony Brook University). [Queens College]

Zamfirescu, Christina: Graph theory, algorithmic combinatorics networks, molecular complexity, intersection digraph representation.  (Master's in O.R. University of Bucharest, Ph.D. in Natural Sciences).  [Hunter College]

Appointed 2011

Gamburd, Alexander: Number theory, probability and combinatorics, Presidential Early Career Award, Sloan Fellow, NSF and ARPA funding (PhD 1999,  Princeton University) [Graduate Center Presidential Professor]

Champanerkar,Abhijit: Geometric topology,  NSF-FRG Funding (PhD 2003, Columbia University). [College of Staten Island] 

Chigogidze, Alex: Topology and functional analysis, (PhD 1980 Tbilisi University). [Dean of Science and Technology at the College of Staten Island, CUNY]

Fuchs, Gunter: Logic, PhD 2003, Humboldt University, [College of Staten Island] 

Kharlampovic,Olga : Group theory,  NSERC Funding, Marsden Award, ( PhD 1984 Leningrad State University, Doctor of Science 1990 Moscow Steklov Institute).
[Mary P. Dolciani Professor,  Hunter College]

Kofman, Ilya: Knot theory and geometric topology, NSF-FRG Funding , Simons Foundation funding, (PhD 2000, University of Maryland, College Park). [College of Staten Island]

Maher, Joseph: Geometric Topology, NSF funding (PhD 2002, University of California, Santa Barbara). [College of Staten Island] 

Sabitova, Maria: Number theory, NSF funding (PhD 2005, University of Pennsylvania). [Queens College]

Vukadinovic, Jesenko : Analysis, NSF funding  (PhD 2002, Indiana University)
 [College of Staten Island]

Appointed in 2010:

Behrstock,Jason: Geometric group theory,  Sloan Fellow, NSF funding (PhD 2004, Stony Brook University).  [Lehman College]

Lee, Dan: Geometric analysis, NSF Funding (PhD 2005, Stanford University). [Queens College

Lucia, Marcello: Nonlinear Analysis, Humboldt Fellow, (PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).  [College of Staten Island]

Mitra,Sudeb: Complex analysis and Teichmuller Spaces,  NSF funding (PhD 1999, Cornell University). [Queens College]

Appointed in 2009:

Hadjiliadis, Olympia: Statistics and stochastic optimization, NSA Young Investigator, NSF CCF-MSC. NSF DMS-IGMS (PhD 2005, Columbia University). [Brooklyn College] 

 Pribitkin, Vladimir: Number theory and automorphic forms, NSF funding, (PhD 1995 Temple University).  [College of Staten Island] 

Saric, Dragomir: Complex analysis and hyperbolic geometry, NSF funding (PhD 2001 City University of New York). [Queens College]