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DMA Performance: Degree Recitals

D.M.A.-Performance students present three graded recitals. The First and Second Recitals are normally given during the student's second and fourth semesters, respectively; in any case, they must be completed prior to taking the Second Examination. The Dissertation Recital is given after completion of the Second Examination and after the dissertation proposal has been approved. Each recital should contain a different repertory. At least one of the three recitals must include a work written after 1950 by a composer from the United States. All recitals should consist of repertoire that the student has not performed previously.

Recital scheduling guidelines:

(1) Students will schedule all recitals through the Concert Office.
(2) Normally, degree recitals will take place in Elabash Hall on weekday evenings, Monday through Thursday, as availability permits. Recitals may take place at other CUNY campuses or at other locations only if arranged by the student, and approved by the Deputy Executive Officer.
(3) A recital that is canceled cannot be rescheduled until at least the following semester.
(4) It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the major teacher is available to attend the recital.
(5) The program for each of the three recitals must be cleared with the D.M.A.-Performance Deputy Executive Officer at least two full months prior to the recital; the Deputy Executive Officer and the D.M.A. Committee may ask that the program be modified.
(6) A Recital Contract must be signed by the student and the Deputy Executive Officer for any degree recital. The contract outlines all particulars regarding recital dates and deadlines.