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Linda Scheetz
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: Lehman College
Office Hours: 500
Degrees/Diplomas: EdD, RN, FAEN
Research Interests: Trauma Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Critical Injuries in Older Adults

Professional Interests:

    Trauma Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Critical Injuries in Older Adults       

Selected Publications:

  • Scheetz, L.J. (2012).  Comparison of type and severity of major injuries among undertriaged and correctly triaged older trauma patients.  The Journal of Emergency Medicine, 43(6), 1020-1028.
  • Scheetz, L. J. (2011).  Life-threatening injuries in older adults.  AACN Advanced Critical Care, 22(2), 128-139.
  • Scheetz, L. J.  (2011). Trends in the accuracy of older person trauma triage from 2004-2008.  Prehospital Emergency Care, 15, 83-87.
  • Scheetz, L. J. (2010).  Prehospital factors associated with severe injury in older adults.  Injury, 41, 886-893.
  • Scheetz, L. J., Zhang, J., Kolassa, J. E.  (2009).  Classification tree modeling to identify moderate and severe vehicular injuries in young and middle-aged adults. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 45(1), 1-10.
  • Scheetz, L. J., Zhang, J., Kolassa, J. E., Allen, P., Allen M.  (2008). Evaluating injury databases as a preliminary step in the construction of a triage decision rule. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 40(2), 144-150.
  • Scheetz, L. J., Oman, K.  (2008). Research, quality improvement, and institutional review boards: What’s the deal? Journal of Emergency Nursing, 34(1), 3-5.  (invited guest editorial)
  • Scheetz, L. J., Zhang, J., Kolassa, J. E.  (2007). Using crash scene variables to predict the need for trauma center care in older persons. Research in Nursing & Health, 30, 399-412.
  • Scheetz, L. J.  (2006). Aortic dissection.  American Journal of Nursing, 106(4), 55-59.
  • Scheetz, L. J.  (2005). Differences in survival, length of stay, and discharge disposition of older trauma patients admitted to trauma centers and nontrauma center hospitals. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 37, 361-366.
  • Scheetz, L. J.  (2005).  Relationship of age, injury severity, injury type, comorbid conditions, level of care, and survival among older motor vehicle trauma patients.  Research in Nursing & Health, 28, 198-209.


  • 1988      Doctor of Education. Columbia University, New York, NY           Dissertation:  The Development of Clinical Competence in Baccalaureate Nursing Students
  • 1981      Master of Arts. New York University, New York, NY
                   Major: Nursing
  • 1977      Bachelor of Science. Trenton State College, Trenton, NJ
                   Major: Nursing; minor: Biology
  • 1968      Diploma, Jefferson Medical College School of Nursing,                Philadelphia, PA