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College of Staten Island Faculty

Zaghloul Ahmed
Manual therapy and neurological rehabilitation
Maureen Becker
clinical education, women's health, ergonomics and health promotion (particularly obesity in adults and children)
Michael Chiacchiero
Physical therapy for patients with stroke, dizziness and patients who have lost a limb
Maria Knikou
Research on motor control, spasticity, spinal cord injury, electrophysiology, sensorimotor recovery of patients with neurological disorders
Jeffrey Rothman
Health promotion and prevention practice, ethics, research, clinical performance, evidenced-based practice
Wei Zhang
Human behavior phenomena, neural and biomechancial bases of human hand control, neuromuscular disorders

Hunter College - Brookdale Campus Faculty

Suzanne R. Babyar
Assessment and treatment of neurological conditions, assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions
Tom Holland
Wound care and prevention / geriatric rehabilitation / prosthetics and orthotics
Herb Karpatkin
Gary Krasilovsky
Neurological Rehabilitation, Clinical Neurology
Milo N. Lipovac
Human physiology, pathophysiology and clinical medicine, neuroscience, pharmacology
Susan E. Pivko
Spinal orthopedics, clinical education, repetitive stress disorders in the performing arts, plantar fasciitis as an occult lumbar radiculopathy
Elaine R. Rosen
Joint Examination and Treatment, Orthopedics, and Rehabilitation of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury. Orthopedic manual physical therapy, adult rehabilitation.