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Jeffrey Rothman
Position: Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy Deputy Executive Officer, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT), The Graduate Center of CUNY
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island|CUNY Graduate Center
Phone: (718) 982-3153
Research Interests: Health promotion and prevention practice, ethics, research, clinical performance, evidenced-based practice

Fax: (718) 982-2984


Institution Degree Year Confirmed Major
Rutgers University            
  Ed.D.  1985  Science and Humanities
New York University  M.A.  1976  Patho-kinesiology
New York University  Certificate in Physical Therapy
Brockport SUNY  B.A. Biology  1971

Books and Texts

Almost Forgotten (novel), Publish America, 2008

J. Liebler, R. Levine, J. Rothman, MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, Second Edition, Aspen Publishers, 1992. (424 pages).



J. Rothman, M. Becker, A.J. Nelson, D. Garcia, R. Sabini, J. Barth, L. Feit, "Effects of multifocal lens on forward head posture and occupational extension while performing a visual task." Ergonomics, Vol. 50, No. 12, 2007, 2095-2103.

M. Becker, A.J. Nelson, J. Rothman, A. Ng, V. Barker, S. Brady, A. Koser.  "Reductions in body mass index delivers positive gait changes."  BioMechanics, Vol. XIII, No. 10, 2006

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R. Nelson, H. Kaur, E. Muniz, E. Gasiewska, J. Lugo, J. Agro, A.J. Nelson, J. Rothman.  "Neuronal Conduction Studies of the Median Nerve in Non-Impaired Humans: A Comparison of Accepted Techniques, Electromyography & Clinical Neurophysiology, Volume 44, Issue 3, 2004

R. Freedland, A. Nelson, C. Festa, K. Bartholomay, P. Crociata, J. Fahs, L. Saunders, J. Rothman, B. Karmel, J. Gardner, "Laterality in At-Risk and Not At-Risk 2 1/2 year old Children, Psychological Reports: Perceptual and Motor Skills, accepted with minor reviews.

R. Nelson, J. Agro, J. Lugo, E. Gasewska, H. Kaur, E. Muniz, A. Nelson, J. Rothman.  "The Relationship Between Temperature and Neuronal Characteristics", Electromyography & Clinical Neurophysiology, Volume 44, Issue 3, 2004

M. Becker, A. Nelson, J. Rothman
"Postural Changes May Trigger Back Pain."  Biomechanics, 8, August 2003, 47-54.

A. Nelson, D. Zwick, S. Brody, C. Doran, Lori Pulver, G. Rooz, M. Sadownick, R. Nelson, J. Rothman, "The Validity of the GaitRite and Functional Ambulation Performance Scoring System in the Analysis of Parkinson Gait", NeuroRehabilitation17 (2002) 255-262.
J. Rothman, C. Festa, Invited Authors
"Physical Therapy and Parkinson's Disease", American Parkinson Disease Association Newsletter, Winter, 2003.

R. Freedland, C. Festa, M. Sealy, A. McBean, A. Nelson, P. Elghazaly, and J. Rothman, "Effects of Pulsed Auditory Stimulation on Various Gait Measurements in Persons with Parkinson's Disease", NeuroRehabilitation 16 (2001).

RECENT PAPERS PRESENTED and Invited Guest Speaker

November, 2007.  Invitation by the China Olympic Committee to present a Workshop for Team Doctors in Preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Workshop was a seven-day series of lectures, demonstrations and practical case studies presented by J. Rothman and two other speakers/presenters.

April 11, 2007.  "Considerations in the Development of a Functional Ambulation Performance Score for Children."  R. Freedland, J. Gardner, B. Karmel, J. Rothman, M. Gali, K. Monda, Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Conference Meeting, Springfield, Mass.

April 2004.  Invited Speaker with Andrew McDonough "Single Case Study Method in Physical Therapy Research, N.Y."  Research Study Group at Dominican College.


Appointed, Subject Specialist
Distance Education Council Accreditation (DETC)
Washington, DC
Accredits long distance college education programs that receive federal funding
May 2012 - present

Elected by the APTA Board of Directors to serve on the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) Physical Therapy Review Panel
July 1, 2008-June 30, 2012

Consultant, APTA Consulting Service, Risk Management & Member Benefit Services, May 2002 - present.


Deputy Executive Officer, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT),
The Graduate Center of CUNY
August 2010 - present

Appointed by the President, 504/ADA Committee
September 2009 - present

Appointed by President, Search Committee, Dean of Science and Technology 2009 - present

Appointed by President, Interim Research Integrity Officer
February, 2008-2009

Member, Search Committee for a new Provost and Chief Academic Officer, College of Staten Island
February 2008-2009
Member, Search Committee for a new President at the College of Staten Island
February 2007-September 2007

Member, College Promotions and Budget Committee, 2006-present

Executive Committee, Clinical Doctoral Programs (later, Health Sciences Doctoral Programs)

Executive Committee, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT)
2010 - present

Co-Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT)
The Graduate Center of CUNY
2005 - present

Member, Graduate Studies Committee (CSI)
2000 - present

Appointed by President, College of Staten Island, Staten Island Project, Health and Environment Initiative, April 2003 - 2007

Appointed by President, Chair College's 504/ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) November 2001-2007

Appointed by President, Chair, College's Sexual Harassment
Committee October 2000-2004