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Maria Knikou
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island
Phone: +718-982-3316 (-3153 secretary)
Research Interests: Research on motor control, spasticity, spinal cord injury, electrophysiology, sensorimotor recovery of patients with neurological disorders

Academic Affiliation:
College of Staten Island/CUNY & Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University

Primary Teaching Areas:
Research Design, Neurological Interventions

Selected Publications:

  • Knikou M and Conway BA. Modulation of soleus H-reflex following ipsilateral mechanical loading of the sole of the foot in normal and complete spinal cord injured human subjects. Neuroscience Letters May; 303 (2): 107-110, 2001.
  • Knikou M and Rymer WZ. Effects of changes in hip joint angle on H-reflex excitability in humans.  [Erratum in Experimental Brain Research 144 (4): 558, 2002]. Experimental Brain Research March; 143 (2): 149-159, 2002.
  • Knikou M and Rymer WZ. Hip angle induced modulation of H reflex amplitude, latency and duration in spinal cord injured humans. Clinical Neurophysiology Nov; 113 (11): 1698-1708, 2002.
  • Knikou M. Effects of hip joint angle changes on intersegmental spinal coupling in human spinal cord injury. Experimental Brain Research Dec; 167 (3): 381-393, 2005.
  • Knikou M, Chaudhuri D, Kay E and Schmit BD. Pre- and post-alpha motoneuronal control of the soleus H-reflex during sinusoidal hip movements in human spinal cord injury. Brain Research Aug; 1103 (1): 123-139, 2006.
  • Knikou Mand Taglianetti C. On the methods employed to record and measure the human soleus H-reflex. Somatosensory and Motor Research March-June; 23 (1): 55-62, 2006.
  • Knikou M. Hip-phase-dependent flexion reflex modulation and expression of spasms in patients with spinal cord injury. Experimental Neurology March; 204 (1): 171-181, 2007.
  • Knikou M. Neural coupling between the upper and lower limbs in humans. Neuroscience Letters April; 416 (2): 138-143, 2007.
  • Knikou M. Plantar cutaneous input modulates differently spinal reflexes in subjects with intact and injured spinal cord. Spinal Cord Jan; 45 (1): 69-77, 2007.
  • Knikou M,Kay E and Schmit BD. Parallel facilitatory reflex pathways from the foot and hip to flexors and extensors in the injured human spinal cord. Experimental Neurology July; 206 (1): 146-158, 2007.
  • Knikou M,Schmit BD, Chaudhuri D, Kay E and Rymer WZ. Soleus H-reflex excitability changes in response to sinusoidal hip stretches in the injured human spinal cord.Neuroscience LettersAug; 423 (1): 18-23, 2007.