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Susan E. Pivko
Position: Assistant Professor / Director of Clinical Education
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Phone: 212-481-4424
Research Interests: Spinal orthopedics, clinical education, repetitive stress disorders in the performing arts, plantar fasciitis as an occult lumbar radiculopathy

Primary Teaching Areas:
Clinical Education/Practice; Ethics; Spinal Evaluation

Selected Publications:

  • Recker-Hughes, C;, Pivko, S; Mowder-Tinney, J.J; Brooks, G. Clinical Instructors' Self-Perceptions of Competence in Teaching Core Content Areas of Curriculum to Professional DPT Students: Implications for Academic Programs- JOPTE 2008

Works in Progress:

  • Pivko, S; Ward, I; Parkins, K; Erdfarb, S; Gofer, T; Tutnauer, S. A Nagi Framework: The Comparison of the STroke REhabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM), the Functional Independence Measure (FIM).and the Stroke Impact Scale (SIS) in the measurement of outcomes for patients who have suffered a stroke in an acute rehabilitation setting.  Hunter and . NYU Medical Center IRB approval received. In Data Collection phase.
  • Pivko, S; Backus, S; Gornayeva, Y; Heischober, K; Ratner, S; Titmuss, M. Effect of Pain on Maximal Voluntary Contraction Amplitude and Force Production in Torn Rotator Cuff Muscles. Hunter IRB approval received. In Data Analysis phase
  • Pivko, S; Auerbach, M; Brown, T; Jordan, S; Wadler, M; Roberts, L; Assessment of Readiness for "en Pointe" training in Ballet Schools in the Tri-State Area.
  • Pivko, S: Research Partnerships and the Development of Scholarship in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.
  • Pivko, S; Silberman, N; DeMasi, I; Taylor, M. The prerequisites, performance and perceptions of the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education/Director of Clinical Education in emerging Doctor of Physical Therapy programs
  • Pivko, S; Plantar Fasciitis as an occult Lumbar Radiculopathy