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Suzanne R. Babyar
Position: Associate Professor
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Phone: 212-481-7657 or 4469
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD, Clinical Research, New York University
Research Interests: Assessment and treatment of neurological conditions, assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions

Primary Teaching Areas:
Examination and intervention for Patients with Orthopaedic Problems; Examination and Intervention for Adults with Central Nervous System Problems

Selected Publications:

A. Articles:

  • Babyar S.R., Rosen E., Sliwinski M.M., Krasilovsky G., Holland T., Lipovac M. PhysicalTherapy Students' Self-reports of Development of Clinical Reasoning: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Allied Health, 2003; 32: 227-239.
  • Babyar SR, Sliwinski M, Krasilovsky G, Rosen E, Thornby M, Masefield JR. Survey of Inclusion of Cultural and Gender issues in Entry-Level Physical Therapy Curricula in New York State. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 1996;10(2):53-62.
  • Babyar SR. Reliability of Student Physical Therapists in Performing Two Techniques for Goniometric Measurement of Passive Shoulder Motions in the Horizontal Plane. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 1996;10(2):85-89.
  • Babyar SR. Excessive Scapular Motion in Individuals Recovering from Painful and Stiff Shoulders: Causes and Treatment Strategies. Physical Therapy. 1996; 76(3): 226-247.

B. Chapter:

  • Babyar SR, Krasilovsky G. Pattern 4C: Muscle Performance. In E. Rosen, S. Rusnak Smith (Eds). Musculoskeletal Essentials. Thorofare, NJ: Slack. 2006.

C. Published Abstracts:

  • Babyar SR., White H, Shafi N, Reding M. (2007). FIM™ Efficiency Lower in Patients with Stroke and Lateropulsion: A Case-Matched Controlled Study [Abstract]. Stroke. 2006; 38(2): 519
  • Babyar SR, Reding M. Effect of Lateropulsion on Stroke Rehabilitation Outcome. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 2005; 19:380.
    Moore E, Feld J, Babyar SR, Jordan B. Relationship of the Berg Balance Scale Items and Outcomes for Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury in an Acute Rehabilitation Setting. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 2005; 19:378.
  • Krasinski D, Babyar SR, Costello E. Physical Therapy Students' Perceptions of Clinical Instructor Behaviors. Physical Therapy. 1989;69(5):391 R173.

Works in Progress:

Assessment and Intervention for Patients with Stroke and Lateropulsion; Development of Clinical Reasoning Among Physical Therapy Student; various student research projects.


  • BS: Biology, Immaculata College;
  • BS, Physical Therapy, New York University
  • Masters Degree: MS, Physiology, New York Medical College
  • Doctoral Degree: PhD, Clinical Research, New York University