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Andrew Polsky
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D Princeton University
Research Interests: American politics, government and American political development

Prof. Polsky is the author of The Rise of the Therapeutic State (Princeton University Press, 1991). Recent publications include: “Seeing Your Name in Print:  Unpacking the Mysteries of the Review Process at Political Science Scholarly Journals,” PS:  Political Science and Politics 40 (3) (July 2007):  539-43; "The Presidency at War," in Michael Nelson, ed., The Presidency and the Political System, 8th ed. (Washington, DC:  CQ Press, 2006), pp. 557-75; "No Tool is Perfect:  Periodization in the Study of American Political Development," Polity 37 (4) (October 2005); (co-authored with Daniel M. Cook) "Political Time Reconsidered:  Unbuilding and Rebuilding the State under the Reagan Administration," American Politics Research 33 (4) (July 2005):  577-605; "The Political Economy of Partisan Regimes:  Lessons from Two Republican Eras," Polity 35 (4) (July 2003); "'Mr Lincoln's Army' Revisited: Partisanship, Institutional Position, and Union Army Command, 1861-1865," Studies in American Political Development 16 (2) (Fall 2002); (co-authored with Olesya Tkacheva) "Legacies versus Politics: Herbert Hoover, Partisan Conflict, and the Symbolic Appeal of Associationalism in the 1920s," International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 16 (2) (Winter 2002); "When Business Speaks: Political Entrepreneurship, Discourse, and Mobilization in American Partisan Regimes," Journal of Theoretical Politics 12 (October 2000); and "The New 'Dismal Science'? The Lessons of American Political Development for Politics Today," Polity 32 (Spring 2000). He served as the program co-chair for the Politics and History section of the American Political Science Association at the 1999 APSA Annual Meeting.  In July 2005 Professor Polsky became the editor of Polity, the journal of the Northeastern Political Science Association.  The transcript of his talk on preparing for an academic career can be found here