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Political Theory Faculty

Buck-Morss, Susan
Critical Theory, Philosophy of History, Trans-local Global Commons
Cohen, Mitchell
European political thought
Cole, Alyson
feminist theory, politics of identity, American political culture
Currah, Paisley
feminist, queer and transgender theory; sexuality and politics; politics of identity and rights discourse
Fontana, Benedetto
ancient, modern and contemporary political theory; history of political thought
Gould, Carol
international ethics, human rights, modern democracy
Jacobs, Jack
Marxism, Critical Theory, Jewish political thought and movements
Kim, Young Kun
cross-cultural political philosophy, Asian political thought
Mehta, Uday Singh
liberalism, post-colonial theory, globalization
Robin, Corey
modern political and economic thought; conservatism/counterrevolution
Wallach, John
political ethics, democratic theory, ancient Greek political thought; political interpretation
Wolin, Richard
Frankfurt School, modern French and German political thought and politics