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Political Theory Faculty

Buck-Morss, Susan
cultural studies, visual theory, globalization
Cohen, Mitchell
European political thought
Cole, Alyson
feminist theory, politics of identity, American politics and culture
Gould, Carol
democratic theory, human rights, international ethics, feminist theory, social theory
Jacobs, Jack
history of political thought, Marxism, critical theory
Kim, Young Kun
history of Western political thought with emphasis on German political ideas since the eighteenth century, classical Chinese philosophy, and modern Chinese, Japanese, and Korean social and political thought
Mehta, Uday Singh
liberalism, post-colonial theory, globalization
Petchesky, Rosalind Pollack
feminist theory, international relations, human rights
Robin, Corey
Modern liberalism and conservatism, fear, repression, the state, constitutionalism, and pluralism
Wallach, John R.
political ethics, democratic theory, human rights, history of political theory, ancient Greek political thought
Wolin, Richard
The Frankfurt School, modern French and German political thought, contemporary European politics