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Susan Buck-Morss
Critical theory, philosophy of history, trans-local global commons

Mitchell Cohen
European political thought

Alyson Cole
feminist theory, politics of identity, American political culture

Paisley Currah
feminist, queer and transgender theory; sexuality and politics; politics of identity and rights discourse

Leonard Feldman
Modern and contemporary political thought, law and society, legal theory

Benedetto Fontana
ancient, modern and contemporary political theory; history of political thought

Carol Gould
democratic theory, human rights and global justice, feminist theory

Jack Jacobs
Marxism, Critical Theory, Jewish political thought and movements

Young Kun Kim
cross-cultural political philosophy, Asian political thought

Uday Singh Mehta
liberalism, post-colonial theory, globalization

Corey Robin
modern political and economic thought; conservatism/counterrevolution

John Wallach
political ethics, democratic theory, ancient Greek political thought; political interpretation

Richard Wolin
Frankfurt School, modern French and German political thought and politics


Political Theory

Political Theory at the Graduate Center addresses the myriad conjunctures of power and ethics that inform collective life. We privilege no perspective or tradition, and we employ a variety of critical approaches—historical, conceptual, analytical, and more—to promote political understanding.

Our course offerings require knowledge of the history of political thought but primarily reflect the diverse interests of our faculty. Those interests include: twentieth century political thought, contemporary political theory, feminist political theory and the political theory of gender and sexuality, Marxism, liberal and social democratic theory, democratic political theory, human rights, political theory in globalized societies, and political theory from non-Western and post-colonial perspectives.

Students concentrating in political theory obtain education and training useful for academic research, writing, teaching, and otherwise contributing to many walks of public life.