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Elliot Jurist
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY; Ph.D., Columbia University,
Training Area: Clinical Psychology @ City College
Research Interests: Psychoanalytic Theory; Theories of Affect and Affect Regulation; Ethics; Substance Abuse; History of Psychology and Philosophy
Elliot Jurist, Ph.D., Ph.D. is Professor and Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program since 2004.  He has doctorates in philosophy and psychology, and previously taught at Columbia, UC Santa Barbara and Hofstra.  After completing his internship at New York Presbyterian hospital (Columbia), he worked on the Occupational Health and Neuro-Psychiatric Evaluation Services.  He has served for three years on the Ethics Committee of the NYSPI (and Division 39, APA).  He is the co-author of Affect Regulation, Mentalization and the Development of the Self (Other Press, 2002), which has been translated into five languages and won two book prizes.  He is co-editor of Mind to Mind: Infant Research, Neuroscience, and Psychoanalysis (Other Press, 2008), which has been translated into Italian.  His research interests concern mentalization and the role of emotions and emotion regulation in psychotherapy.  Since 2008, he is the Editor of Psychoanalytic Psychology, the journal of Division 39 of the APA.

Syllabus: Practicum IB: Interviewing and Personality Appraisal (Adult Intake)
Syllabus: Practicum IIB: Adult Psychotherapy
Syllabus: Proseminar On Ethical And Professional Issues