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Adjunct Faculty

Karen Ackroff - Behavioral Neuroscience; Feeding Behavior
Gerard Bruder - Neuropsychology; Cognitive Neuroscience; Psychophysiology
Pamela D. Butler - Cognitive Neuroscience; Psychopathology Research; Cognitive function
Caitlin Cahill - Participatory Action Research and Theory; Youth and global urban restructuring and Gentrification
Yvette Caro - Neuropsychology, Public psychology and Immigrant Mental Health
Rebecca Leigh Chaplan - Clinical Psychology
Susan Croll - Neuropsychology
Pierfilippo De Sanctis - Electrophysiological Methods; Cognitive Process
Diana Deacon -
Darlynne Devenny - Individual Differences Over the Life Span; Relationship of timing of Development Events to Developmental Plasticity; Atypical Infant Development
John J. Foxe - Schizophrenia; Object recognition; ERP; multisensory processing; attention
Robert Freedland - Developmental Disabilities Across the Lifespan from Infants and Young Children to Adults; Neuroscience
Paul B. Glovinsky - Chronobiology and Sleep
Robert L. Hatcher - Clinical Competence, Outcomes Research, Psychotherapy Research
Veronica J. Hinton - Examining cognition in developmental disorders that are well-characterized by etiology
Matthew J. Hoptman - Neuroimaging and impulsivity in schizophrenia; Neuroimaging and aggression in schizophrenia
Judith Jaeger - Clinical neuropsychology, Alzheimer’s and Psychiatric disorders; Pharmaceutical development for cognitive disorders
Daniel C. Javitt - Cognitive Neuroscience
Ali Khadivi - Forensic Assessment; Clinical
David Kuhn - Applied Behavior Analysis, Assessment and Treatment of Severe Brain Problems
Sophie Molholm - Cognitive Neuroscience; Multisensory processing; attention; object recognition; using EEG and behavioral tools, on healthy adults and children
Joel Moses - Leadership identification and development
Thanos Patelis - Psychometric theory
Gina Philogène - Immigration and Race, Social Representation of the Future, Psychology of Human Rights
Diana Punales Morejon - Clinical expirience in the areas of: multicultural/Latino psychology; Women's issues; imigration and acculturation; severe psychopathology and medical illness
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