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Emeritus Faculty

John S. Antrobus
Sleep Disorder
David J. Bearison
Children's cognitive, social, and emotional development
William Cross
Leading theorists and researchers on black identity development in particular, and racial-ethnic identity development in general.
Kay Deaux
Immigration, Social Psychology
Howard Ehrlichman
Cognitive Neuroscience; Personality
Lanny Fields
Behavior Analysis, Concept Formation; Categorization
Anderson j. Franklin
Resilience and psychological well-being of African Americans
Edwin P. Hollander
Leadership-Followership; Social and Organizational Psychology
Irwin Katz
Social Personality Psychology
Joel Lefkowitz
Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Professional Ethics and Values
Katherine Nelson
Suzanne Ouellette
Claire L. Poulson
Behavior Analysis; Language Development
Walter Reichman
Walter Ritter
Leanne Rivlin
Life of Public Spaces, the Pressing issues of Homelessness; Research Ethics and to Address the Practical and Ethical Concerns Raised by Environmental Social Science Field Research; Sociospatial Conflict at All Scale
Gary Winkel
Environmental Psychology; Health Psychology