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Basic and Applied Social Psychology Faculty

Brauner, Elisabeth
Social and Organizational Psychology; Group Research, Transactive Memory, Knowledge Management, Interaction Coding, Communication
Carmichael, Cheryl
Close relationships, health, and the social regulation of affect
Chapman, Hanah
Emotion; Moral decision-making
Clay, Russ
Social Attitudes, Emotional Biases, Cognitive Biases
Glasford, Demis
Intergroup relations; Prejudice; Injustice decision-making
Golub, Sarit
Decision-Making; Risk perception; Stigma; HIV
Good, Catherine
Social Psychology; Stereotype threat, gender, achievement motivation and learning
Hardin, Curtis
Social Psychology
Hass, Glen R.
Cognitive Processing Mechanisms Related to Attraction to Members of the Opposite Sex
Kovera, Margaret Bull
Psychology and Law; Social Psychology of Eyewitness Identification; Jury Decision Making
Leippe, Michael
Attitude change; Cognitive dissonance; Psychology and Law, including social influences on eyewitness confidence and memory, and motivational factors in jurors’ trial processing
Park, Jaihyun
Social Cognition (Stereotyping and Prejudice, Emotion and Cognition; Psychology and Law (Jury Decision Making)
Parsons, Jeffrey
Intersection Between Sexual Risk Behaviors and Substance Use
Revenson, Tracey
Psychosocial Adaptation to Chronic Illness; Stress and Coping; Social Context; Health Disparities
Rindskopf, David
Applied Statistics; Research Methods
Rosario, Margaret
Identity, particularly sexual and gender identity, their etiology, development, and consequences for mental and physical health and other adaptational outcomes, as well as the moderating and mediating influences of psychosocial exigencies for understanding the relations between identity and outcomes.
Sommer, Kristin
Interpersonal rejection, social influence
Valian, Virginia
Language Acquisition; Cognitive Neuropsychology; Gender
Wells, Brooke
Sexual health behavior; gay and lesbian health; women's health; substance abuse
Wout, Daryl
Stigma; Stereotyping and prejudice; intergroup relations; African American Racial Identity
Young, Steven
Social Cognition, Face Perception, Motivation and Emotion

Affiliated Faculty

Brumbaugh, Claudia
Adult Attachment
Cohen-Charash, Yochi
Emotions, Justice; Personality and Work Attitudes
Hartwig, Maria
Deception, Deception Making; Interviews/ Interrogations
Naidoo, Loren
Leadership, Motivation, Emotions, Engagement, Burnout, Organizational Surveys, Performance Appraisal, Attitude Measurement
Penrod, Steven
Eyewitness Reliability; Jury Decision Making
Storbeck, Justin
Affective valence and cognition
Strange, Deryn
Cognitive and social factors that influence memory in children and adults; including false autobiographical memories, memory distortions from the media, collective false memory and co-witness memory distortions.