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Clinical Psychology @ City College Organizations

Association for Ethnic and Minority Issues (AEMI)

AEMI (Association for Ethnic and Minority Issues) is a student-led organization for doctoral-level trainees in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the City University of New York. Members of AEMI are devoted to discussing the impact of race, ethnicity, and culture in our personal and professional lives—from our interactions with one another in our academic community to our work as clinicians treating the diverse populations of the City College campus, where the program is housed, and of the surrounding neighborhoods of Harlem and Washington Heights. AEMI strives to create a safe and supportive social network for minority students within the program and to take a proactive stance in bringing the issues of race and ethnicity to the curriculum and program at large. You can follow AEMI on tumblr here.

All students in the doctoral program are encouraged to participate in AEMI. As part of our role as active intellectual members of the program's community, students involved with AEMI have sponsored the following activities in addition to monthly general meetings:

  • host open houses for prospective ethnic minority applicants;

  • participate in admissions process;

  • collaborate with faculty towards maintaining a diverse student body;

  • invite clinicians and scholars whose work complements AEMI’s mission to speak to the students and faculty;

  • outreach to CUNY campuses for minority student recruitment to the program;

  • support student research or interest in multiculturalism;

  • host social events for students in the program.

Past and present AEMI members at professor and mentor Dr. A.J. Franklin's retirement party on February 3, 2007.

Dr. A.J. Franklin with AEMI member Rhea Benjamin

Queers and Allies (Q & A)

As a new organization within the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at CUNY, Q&A is proud to represent and reflect an important part of student life.

Queers and Allies (Q & A) is a group open to all students in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. The mission of Q&A is to promote — within the program and beyond — recognition, dialogue, and action around issues of sexuality and gender across the LGBTQ-straight spectrum, with a focus on how those issues affect us as clinicians-in-training, those who come to our clinic, and the relationships that develop between all of us. Q&A is committed as well to the evolution of thinking about sexuality and gender within contemporary theory and clinical technique.

The group meets monthly and actively collaborates with faculty to maintain a diverse student body and to promote a curriculum that acknowledges and accounts for the full range of individual experiences of sexuality and gender and to foster a safe space to discuss them in our program.

We even have our own listserv where we share relevant 'goings-on'. All Qs or As are welcome!