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Core faculty in the Psychology & Law program currently include:

Crossman, Angela
Deception in Children; Child Witness (Developmental Psychology)
Dysart, Jennifer E.
Eyewitness Memory and Identification; Alibi Witnesses
Fondacaro, Mark
Juvenile Law, Law & Neuroscience, Criminal Responsibility, Procedural Justice, and Evidence-Based Reforms of the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems
Hartwig, Maria
Deception, Deception Making; Interviews/ Interrogations
Kassin, Saul
False Confessions and Interrogations
Kovera, Margaret Bull
Psychology and Law; Social Psychology of Eyewitness Identification; Jury Decision Making
O'Connor, Maureen
Psychology and Law; Gender
Penrod, Steven
Eyewitness Reliability; Jury Decision Making
Salfati, Gabrielle
Offender Profiling and Behavioral Crime Scene Analysis; Homicide and Sexual Assaults, Behavioral Consistency and Linking Serial Crimes
Stone, Charles
Autobiographical memory, collective memory, social aspects of memory, meta-cognitive judgments (e.g., confidence), decision-making within the judicial system, intergenerational transmission of both mundane and traumatic memories/events
Strange, Deryn
Cognitive and social factors that influence memory in children and adults; including false autobiographical memories, memory distortions from the media, collective false memory and co-witness memory distortions.

Affiliated Faculty Members:

Glasford, Demis
Intergroup relations; Prejudice; Injustice decision-making

Grose-Fifer, Jill
Developmental cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience of memory and decision making, neural correlates of psychopathy

Leippe, Michael
Attitude change; Cognitive dissonance; Psychology and Law, including social influences on eyewitness confidence and memory, and motivational factors in jurors’ trial processing

Markus, Keith
Causation, Causal Inference and Causal Modeling; Test Validity

Widom, Cathy Spatz
Longterm Consequence of Child Abuse and Neglect; Crime and Violence, Psychopathy and Sex Roles