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Aguirre-Molina, Marilyn
Structural factors affecting the health and health needs of ethnic/racial populations in the US, Community capacity building for achieving health equity, AIDS, poverty and gender inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Axen, Kathleen
Environmental and Occupational Healh, Nutrition, Obesity and insulin resistance, Diabetes mellitus
Balk, Deborah
Baron, Sherry
Quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the associations between work and health, especially for low-wage and immigrant workers, including the use of community-based participatory approaches to develop intervention programs to improve health equity of home health aides, farmworkers, and construction day laborers
Battle, Juan
Race, sexuality, and social justice.
Bennett, Neil
Mortality, Mathematical Demography, Marital Life Course
Berney, Barbara
Health advocacy; working conditions of health services workers and other workers, Impact of work on worker and family health, Environmental justice, Health care quality
Bimbi, David
Behavioral health focused HIV/AIDS (prevention, treatment & care), sexual behavior and drug/alcohol use/misuse among stigmatized populations (e.g., LGBT persons, racial/ethnic minorities).
Borrell, Luisa N.
Social determinants of health.
Caravanos, Jack
Global environmental health, Urban lead contamination, Environmental exposure and risk assessments
Chu, Tracy
Well-being of immigrant survivors of political violence, Maternal child health, Racial/ethnic disparities in health, Social construction of illness
Cohen, Neal
Cohen, Nevin
Urban food policy; social practice theory and food systems; food justice, access, and sovereignty
Cooper, Spring
Sexual health; adolescent health; health promotion; health communication; social media
Costa, Sergio
Public policy, political science
Costley, Alex
Aging, functional assessment, urban development, geriatric medical education, and program evaluation in teaching and learning gerontology
Daniels, Jessie
Racism, New media and health, Incarceration and health
DelaCruz, Juan J.
Health management, Health economics, Minority health, Quantitative methods
Dowd, Jennifer Beam
Integrating biomarkers into social research, health disparities, stress and immune function
Eastwood, Elizabeth A.
Sociobehavioral issues among adolescents with HIV; program development for HIV/AIDS; risk reduction. HIV/AIDS; health policy, administration, and financing
El-Mohandes, Ayman
Reduction of infant mortality, health disparities, and global health
Engel, Jonathan
History of the US Health System, Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Management, Urban Health
Fahs, Marianne C.
Public health economics, urban aging and longevity, disparities, immigrant health, health policy, cost effectiveness analysis.
Freudenberg, Nicholas
Public health policy, community health interventions, incarceration and health, impact of corporate practices on health
Gallo, William
Unemployment in Health; Aging, Retirement
Geltman, Elizabeth Ann Glass
Environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale
Gold, Marthe
Goodwin, Renee
Child Asthma/Allergy, Smoking
Grassman, Jean
Occupational & environmental health, biological monitoring in industrial hygiene, epidemiology and risk assessment, ethical use of genetic testing, environmental justice
Greene, Michele G.
Physician-patient communication and health communication; medical education and training; geriatric medicine; women's health
Grosskopf, Nicholas
Program planning and evaluation, HIV prevention and education, Sexual minority health, Race and health disparities
Grov, Christian
Grov's research centers on the sexual health of gay and bisexual men. His work has explored drug use, sexual compulsivity and the role of the Internet in revolutionizing the sexual networks of gay and bisexual men. Collectively, his body of work seeks to inform HIV prevention and education.
Haley, Sean
Substance abuse treatment policy, quality and integration with primary care; population health and the intersection of public health service systems research
Heller, Daliah
Urban health policy; Criminal justice-public health; Drug policy
Herman, Daniel
Prevention of homelessness and other adverse outcomes among persons with severe mental illnesses, innovative models of care coordination for vulnerable populations, mental health services research, timing of psychosocial interventions.
Himmelstein, David
Access to Medical Care, Inequalities in medical care, Irrationality in the organization and financing of medical care
Horiuchi, Shiro
Longevity and aging, Mathematical demography and demographic methodology
Huang, Terry
Obesity, Child Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Systems Science, Design and Health, Cross-Cultural Health
Johnson, Glen
Jones, Heidi
reproductive health
Joshi, Ashish
Public Health Informatics, Global Health, Technology enabled multifaceted interventions, health technology assessments and public health innovations
Joyce, Theodore
Health Economics, Maternal and Child Health, Reproductive Health Policy
Kelvin, Elizabeth
Infectious disease epidemiology, including HIV/AIDS & parasitic infections, Environmental health, International health
Kiely, Michele
Infant mortality, intimate partner violence, health disparities
Klitzman, Susan
Environmental epidemiology and public health policy
Lennon, Mary Clare
Childhood Poverty, Child Well-being, Homelessness, Neighborhood Effects
Leung, May May
Levin, Betty Wolder
Public health; social determinants of health and health care; bioethics and public health ethics
Maantay, Juliana
Environmental Justice; Health disparities; Built Environment and Health; Urban hazards and risk assessment; Environmental modeling; Environmental Policy and Planning
Markowitz, Gerald
History of occupational and environmental health
Markowitz, Steven
Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology
Maroko, Andrew
Health geographics, Environmental health justice, Spatial analyses, Computational geography, Accessibility, Geovisualization
Menendez, Barbara S.
Differences in incidence and mortality risk between subgroups of Hispanic populations and the non-Hispanic white and African-American populations in the US, Differences between first- and second-generation Hispanic subgroups in NYC
Mirer, Franklin
Toxicology, Environmental chemistry, Risk assessment, Safety and health law and policy, Particulate air pollution
Morabia, Alfredo
The history of the methods and concepts in epidemiology, Evaluating how developing public transportation can stimulate physical activity and thus reduce obesity in the community
Mukherjea, Ananya
The study of gender and sexuality, Medical sociology (the social politics of infectious disease epidemics and their management, particularly viral epidemics), Urban sociology, The sociology of culture and popular culture, The study of animals in society
Nanin, Jose
Identifying behavioral and contextual factors affecting the biopsychosocial and sexual health of men of color who have sex with men and other disfranchised communities.
Nash, Denis
HIV/AIDS, public health surveillance, Health disparities, Implementation science, Operations research
Nomura, Yoko
Developmental psychopathology, Environmental epigenetics, Fetal programming, Life course analysis
Oppenheimer, Gerald M.
History of public health and medicine; history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Palmedo, Chris
Public perception of public health, values and public health and immigrant health.
Parsons, Jeffrey T.
HIV/AIDS, LGBT issues, Substance use/ abuse, Sexuality
Pepper, Lewis
Occupational Health
Plichta, Stacey
Health services research; health care policy, hospital practice and health issues associated with intimate partner violence and rape; adolescent contraceptive use and pregnancy
Pozen, Alexis
Health care costs, pricing variation, hospital competition
Reed, Holly
Demography; Migration/Immigration; Health of Immigrant Populations; Fertility and Demographic Change; Sub-Saharan Africa; Forced Migration and Refugees
Roh, Chul-Young
Healthcare management, financial management in healthcare, health policy.
Romero, Diana
Research related to poverty and maternal, child and reproductive health; racial/ethnic health disparities, particularly among Latina women; reproductive health policy with an emphasis on abortion.
Rothman, Barbara Katz
Sociology of Health and Illness, Motherhood and issues of Procreation and Maternity care, Disability Studies
Sardell, Alice
Politics of community-based health care and health care access, Health policy, urban and community politics
Schooling, C Mary
Causal inference in Epidemiology, Evidence based public health
Sembajwe, Grace
Exposure Assessment, Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Psychosocial stress
Sohler, Nancy
Spark, Arlene
Starks, Tyrel
Substance use and HIV prevention, RCTs of interventions, biostats and advanced statistical approaches
Displaying results 1-75 (of 88)
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