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Graduate Students


Lee Jung An, MS., completed her Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology in Korea. She is currently a doctoral student in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her research interests lie in the area of music perception and more specifically in the neural processing of timbre.


Reethee Madona Antony, M.A., received Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Speech/Language Pathology from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Speech and Hearing program at the CUNY Graduate Center with a Science Fellowship. She is a research assistant in the Auditory Evoked Potentials Lab directed by Dr. Brett Martin. Her current interests include the neurophysiologic processing of sound in children and adults in adverse conditions and hearing aids.

Lisa Goldin, MS, CCC-A
 has worked as a cochlear implant audiologist since 2002 when she received a M.S. in audiology from Hunter College. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Speech-Language-Hearing sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center where she works in the Audiology & Auditory Evoked Potentials Laboratory. She is interested in studying neurophysiologic processing of sound in children with normal hearing and in adults and children with cochlear implants.


Yining VictorZhou, M.A.(General Linguistics), M.S.(Hearing Impairment), M.S.(Speech-Language Pathology), M. Phil. (Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences), CCC-SLP, is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. His current research interests include neurophysiologic processing of lexical tones in individuals with normal hearing or with cochlear implants.

Wenjie Wang, MS., has been a graduate student in the Ph.D. program of Speech-Language-Hearing sciences since 2008 after received her M.S. in Physiopsychology from Beijing University in China. Her primary research interest is how the brain processes speech, particularly in a noisy environment. She is also interested in cross-language speech perception.

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