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Douglas H. Whalen, Ph.D., Director Douglas H. Whalen joined the GC faculty in spring 2011. He holds joint appointments in the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and Linguistics programs. Dr. Whalen is also current vice president of research at the Yale-affiliated Haskins Laboratory (where he has been a researcher for thirty years) and is one of the world's leading scientists in the fields of speech and phonetics. 

The central theme of Dr. Whalen's research is the interrelation of speech perception and speech production, and how the two constitute a single system and cannot be understood in isolation from one another. His work addresses a wide variety of populations (from developing infants being raised in different language environments to adult speakers of American English and Native American languages) and techniques (including behavioral approaches, MRI, ultrasound imaging of the tongue, and electromyography). He was recently a program officer at the National Science Foundation, overseeing two major programs, Documenting Endangered Languages and Cognitive Neuroscience, and is the founder and president of the Endangered Language Fund, a foundation sponsoring research on the documentation of dying languages. 

Dr. Whalen also serves as associate editor of the Journal of Phonetics, and in 2008 he was elected a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the discipline. He received his BA from Rice University and his Ph.D. (in Linguistics) from Yale University.

Graduate Students

Rebekah Buccheri Dissertation: speech production and perception of clear speech of individuals with Parkinson's disease.

Kikuyo Ito
 Dissertation: Japanese perception of word juncture cues in English phrases.


Ylana Beller Research Interests: phonetics, phonology and computational linguistics. My dissertation investigates vowel duration in English and Italian as produced by bilingual speakers of these languages.


Stephanie Kakadelis Research Interests: speech and cognition, acoustics and phonetics, and language processing. I am particularly interested in questions regarding the link between language and how it is shaped by our physiology and cognitive capabilities as humans.


Ai Mizoguchi Research Interests: perception and production patterns of adult second-language learners of English.