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Speech Production, Acoustics and Perception Laboratory

Lab Meetings: Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm, room 7303

Mission Statement

The goals of the Speech Production, Acoustics and Perception Lab (SPAPL) are to understand the organization of the articulatory underpinnings of linguistic structure, to find the critical components of the acoustics for perceiving speech, and to explore the interrelationship between the two. Research in production currently focuses on examining tongue shape with ultrasound, tracking the movement of the jaw with both video and electro-articulometery data, measures to distinguish the speech of persons who stutter from those that do not, a physiological study of the Japanese nasal mora, and using electroglottography for feedback in second-language speech production. Research in perception has ongoing projects in the accessiblity of allophonic information in perception, perception of final stops by second-language speakers of English, and the calibration of synthetic vowel spaces to an assumed speaker vocal tract. Other projects are in the development phase. 

Current Research Topics

  • Phonetics of endangered languages

  • Articulatory/acoustic relations in vowels

  • Transcription and acoustics of babbling

  • Tongue grooves in consonant harmony

  • Second language acquisition of trills

  • Acoustics of Parkinsonian speech

  • Correlations of speech with reading

Principal Investigator:

Douglas H. Whalen, Ph.D. 
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences,
Graduate School and University Center,
City University of New York,
365 Fifth Ave
New York, New York 10016-4309

Phone: 212-817-8806
Fax: 212-817-1537