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Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Giulivi, S., Whalen, D. H., Goldstein, L. M., Nam, H., & Levitt, A. G. (2011). An Articulatory Phonology account of preferred consonant-vowel combinations. Language Learning and Development.

Iskarous, K., Fowler, C. A., & Whalen, D. H. (2010). Locus equations are an acoustic expression of articulator synergy. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Whalen, D. H., Levitt, A. G., & Goldstein, L. M. (2007). VOT in the babbling of French- and English-learning infants. Journal of Phonetics, 35: 341-352.

Whalen, D. H., Iskarous, K., Tiede, M. K., Ostry, D. J., Lehnert-LeHouillier, H., Vatikiotis-Bateson, E., & Hailey, D.S. (2005). HOCUS, the Haskins Optically-Corrected Ultrasound System. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 48: 543-553.

Magen, H. S., Kang, A. M., Tiede, M., & Whalen, D. H. (2003). Posterior pharyngeal wall position in the production of speech. Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research 46: 241-251.

Whalen, D. H., Gick, B., & LeSourd, P. S. (1999). Intrinsic F0 in Passamaquoddy vowels. In D. H. Pentland (Ed.), Papers from the 30th Algonquian conference (pp. 417-428). Winnipeg: University of Manitoba.

Whalen, D. H., A. Min Kang, Harriet Magen, Robert K. Fulbright, & John C. Gore, (1999). Predicting pharynx shape from tongue position during vowel production. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 42: 592-603.

Whalen, D. H., Gick, B., Kumada, M., & Honda, K.(1998). Cricothyroid activity in high and low vowels: Exploring the automaticity of intrinsic F0. Journal of Phonetics 27: 125-142.

Whalen, D. H., Bryan Gick, Masanobu Kumada, and Kiyoshi Honda. (1998). "EMG evidence for the automaticity of intrinsic F0 of vowels." In Proceedings of the 16th International Congress on Acoustics and 135th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, edited by Patricia K. Kuhl and Lawrence A. Crum, vol. 4, pp. 2951-2952.

Whalen, D. H., and J. M. Kinsella-Shaw. (1997). "Exploring the relationship of breath intake to utterance duration," Phonetica 54: 138-152.

Whalen, D. H., and Sonya Sheffert. (1997). "Normalization of vowels by breath sounds." In Talker variability in speech processing, edited by Keith Johnson and John W. Mullenix, pp. 133-144. New York: Academic Press.

Whalen, D. H., and Andrea G. Levitt. (1995). "The universality of intrinsic F0 of vowels." Journal of Phonetics, 23: 349-366.

Whalen, D. H., Andrea G. Levitt, Pai-Ling Hsiao, and Iris Smorodinsky. (1995). "Intrinsic F0 of vowels in the babbling of 6-, 9- and 12-month-old French- and English-learning infants." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 97:2533-2539..

Selected Abstracts / Recent Presentations

Whalen, D. H., Shaw, P. Noiray, A. & Antony, R. (Jan 2012). Segments Calling Each to Each: Consonant harmony in Tahltan. Presented at the CUNY conference on the segment, New York City, NY.