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Profession-Related Events


Profession-Related Events


Spring 2014
Schedule of Profession-Related Events
Ph.D. Program in Theatre

DATE                 EVENT

6 February----A Conversation with Segal Center Visiting Scholars
Scholars visiting from across the world will share their research and discuss their methodologies.  Prof. Frank Hentschker will moderate.

20 February----Guest Speaker:  Freddie Rokem  (Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, Tel Aviv University):  "The Logic of/in Sophoclean Tragedy"
This presentation will offer some preliminary reflections concerning the relationships and interactions between basic principles of Aristotelian logic (syllogism and the law of the excluded middle) and Sophoclean tragedy (Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone). Prof. Rokem argues that the deductive syllogism in particular, which has always been an integral component of studies in logic, has some fundamental features in common with these tragic “model”-plays; while at the same time their tragic actions can be understood as a dense network of competing and even contradictory syllogisms. Prof. Jean Graham-Jones will offer an introduction.

6 March----Career Paths for the Theatre M.A. and Ph.D
Join us for a conversation with individuals who have put their graduate work in Theatre Studies to successful use outside the university. 

20 March----Demystifying the Handbook 3:  Conferences
Eager to participate in conferences but unsure how they work? Curious to know more about the major theatre conferences or about other conferences? This session will include both a "how to" guide to conferences as well as student testimonials about their experiences. Kate Sidley hosts, with Profs. David Savran and Jean Graham-Jones.

3 April----Workshop 3:  Publish and Flourish
This workshop will address the nuts and bolts of academic publishing, in­cluding placing a performance or book review in a renowned journal and revising a seminar paper into a peer re­viewed article. A panel of published students and faculty will discuss their experiences and will offer advice. Prof. James Wilson will mod­erate.
10 April----Applied Pedagogy:  Reflections from the Field
CUNY offers a range of teaching opportunities for graduate students in the Theatre Program. This panel presentation and discussion will focus on the cutting-edge methodology and resources used by professors, adjuncts, and graduate teaching fellows in speech, theatre appreciation, acting, and directing classes. Kate Sidley hosts.

1 May----Guest Speaker:  Debra Caplan (Assistant Professor of Theatre, Baruch College):  "The Aesthetics of Itinerancy:  Interwar Yiddish Theatre as Transnational Prototype" 
Yiddish theatre between the World Wars was a transnational phenomenon unparalleled in its era, with a geographical reach that stretched across five continents. This talk considers the transnational strategy developed by the most successful Yiddish theatre of this period, the Vilna Troupe, in its landmark production of The Dybbuk. The success of The Dybbuk in the early 1920's was propelled by the Vilna Troupe's adoption of an aesthetics of itinerancy, in which the company members embraced their forced itinerancy as an artistic advantage.

8 May----Mock First Exam Oral
This mock oral experience is intended to offer a first-hand view of what to expect for level-one students as they prepare for the first-exam.  There will be two abbreviated mock orals with debriefing and discussion following.  Profs. Jean Graham-Jones and David Savran will conduct the oral and moderate the discussion.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place 4:15pm-6:15 p.m., in the Green Room of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre (Room 3111).