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Akiba, Daisuke
Multicultural Psychology, Education, Developmental Psych, Achievement Motivation, Methods (Quant and Qual)
Alexakos, Konstantinos
Critical sociocultural research with a focus on emotions and mindfulness in teaching and learning.  
Arievitch, Igor
Developmental and Educational Psychology
Asher, Rikki
Art Education, Mural Making
Attewell, Paul
Educational Inequality, High School, Information Technology in Education
Battle, Juan
Race, Sexuality, Research Methods
Bayne, Gillian
Science Education, Cogenerative Dialogue, Adolescent Education
Bloomfield, David
School Leadership; District Governance; Federal, State and Local Education Law and Policy
Bobetsky, Victor
Music and Arts Education, K-12
Brier, Stephen
U.S. Social and Education History; Digital Technology
Brotherton, David
Sociology, Juvenile Deliquency, Social Control, Youth Subcultures
Bursztyn, Alberto
Multicultural Psychology, Special education
Bushnell Greiner, Mary
Anthropology and Education
Caraballo, Limarys
Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), English Education, Literacy
Cherkas, Barry
Mathematics Education, Partial Differential Equations, Technology
Christian, Mark
African & African American Studies
Connor, David
Learning Disbilities, Inclusive Education, Teacher Education
Cooley, Laurel
Mathematical Understandings of Calculus and Linear Algebra
Cordero-Guzman, Hector
Sociology, Demography
Daiute, Colette
Education in Adversity; Language, Narrative, and Digital Media; Mixed Research Methods
Darvin, Jacqueline
Secondary Literacy Education
Dewprashad, Brahmadeo
STEM Education
Donoghue, Eileen
Mathematics Education
Epstein, Terrie
Social Studies Education
Falk, Beverly
Early Childhood Education
Fine, Michelle
Education and Social Justice
Florence, Namulundah
Historical foundations of American Schooling, Multicultural Education, Marginalization in Formal and Informal Education
Foote, Mary
Elementary and Teacher Math Education
Forbes, David
Critical/Integral Approaches to Contemplative Urban Education, School Counseling, Human Development
García, Ofelia
Language, Literacy, Culture and Bilingualism in Education
Gardella, Francis
Psychology of Learning Mathematics
Gerwin, David
History/Social Studies Education, Labor/Social Movements (especially 1960s)
Gold, Kenneth
Staten Island's relationship to New York City (1898-1964)
Goode, David
Disabilities, Animal/Human Interaction, Qualitative Methods, Ethnomethodology
Gupta, Amita
Early Childhood Education, International Education with an Emphasis on South Asia
Harushimana, Immaculee
Language and Culture, African-born and Middle Eastern Youth in the U.S.A., Immigrant and Minority Literacy Education
Johnson, Helen
Language Development, Developmental Psychpathology, Childhood Development
Kafka, Judith
History of Education, Educational Policy, Politics of Education
Kinsler, Kimberly
Educational Psychology, School Reform
Kirshner, Ann
Technology and education
Kleyn, Tatyana
Bilingualism in education, teaching immigration, race and culture in Garifuna communities
Knoll, Marcia
Curriculum and Teaching, Instructional Supervision, Educational Leadership
Koellner, Karen
Mathematics Education, Teacher Learning
Korn-Bursztyn, Carol
Child Psychology, Early Childhood Education
Luttrell, Wendy
gender, race and class politics in schooling; critical childhood studies; visual sociology
Lyublinskaya, Irina
Technology in Mathematics and Science Education
Meagher, Michael
Math Education
Menken, Kate
Language Education Policy, Bilingual Education, Emergent Bilinguals in Secondary Schools
Michelli, Nicholas
Educational Policy Studies and Analysis, Teacher Education, Teacher Education Policy
Miele, Eleanor
Science Education
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