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Anna Stetsenko
Position: Professor in the Ph.D. Programs in Human Development and in Urban Education
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: (212) 817-8715
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D, General and Developmental Psychology, Moscow State University
Research Interests: Learning and Human Development, Cultural Psychology
Professor Stetsenko’s research is situated at the intersection of human development, education and social theory including topics of subjectivity, collective agency/action, and identity – all viewed through the lens of social change and activism. Her works draw on cutting-edge advances in philosophy, psychology, and sociology of practice, feminist and postmodernist materialism, dynamic systems theory, situated and embodied cognition, Freire's critical pedagogy, and Vygotsky’s cultural-historical and activity theory frameworks. She is currently exploring the topics of imagination and collective action in pursuit of social change and collaborative transformation for theories of human development and educational practices. In this work, she is increasingly drawing on social, policy and political dimensions of theory and practices in psychology and education to interrogate traditional gaps including between individual and collective agency and between subjectivity and social action. Potential areas of research supervision include (but are not limited to): applying innovative theories of human development to understanding educational practices, learning, disability, child welfare policies, creativity, play, agency, identity, gender, communication, art, family dynamics and social interactions.
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