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Executive Committee:

Jeremy Greenfield:
Barbara Hubert:
Brian Jones:
Jennifer Stoops:
Audra Watson:

Responsibilities: The students acting on the Executive Committee shall be responsible for making policy decisions recommendations of standing committees, recommending faculty appointments, promotions, and tenure, and advising the Executive Officer.

Admissions Committee

Manny Lopez:
Natalia Ortiz:
Kate Seltzer:

Responsibilities: The Admissions and Awards Committee recommends students to be admitted to the program each year and recommends students for fellowships. It shall advise the Executive Officer regarding the need and merit of individual students for available fellowship funds and financial aid.

Curriculum and Examinations Committee

Mikela Bjork:
Sarah Hesson:
Kylah Torre:

Responsilbilities: The Curriculum and Examinations Committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Committee in all matters regarding the curriculum of the program and the content and format of the First and Second Examinations.

Membership Committee

Carly Heulsenbeck:
Alexandra Kaplon-Schillis:

Responsibilities: The Membership Committee shall be responsible for recommending to the Executive Committee the nomination of members of the CUNY faculty to the Urban Education doctoral faculty and for periodically reviewing the composition of the faculty and making appropriate recommendations, including for the removal of inactive members.

Elections Committee

A student ad hoc committee will be appointed.

Responsibilities: The Elections Committee shall conduct and certify the results of all elections. The student chair will appoint two other students to assist them.

Doctoral Student Council (DSC) for Urban Education

Mikela Bjork:
Claire Fontaine:

Department Academic Appeals Officer

Not yet known

Responsibilities: Sole policymaking body representing students at the Graduate Center.

Graduate Council

Mikela Bjork:
Heather Hanemann:

Responsibilities: Graduate Council is the academic governing body of The Graduate School and University Center, and the Bylaws of Graduate Council set forth its rules of governance