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Ahmed, Zaghloul
Neuronal injury and repair, electromagnetic stimulation, rehabilitative techniques and devices
Alonso, Alejandra D.
Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in diseases like Alzheimer
Amarasingham, Asohan
Systems, Statistical analysis of large-scale extracellular recordings, the study of neuronal circuits and their models, neural coding
Bamshad, Maryam
Study of neural mechanisms underlying monogamous mating systems
Banerjee, Probal
Neurobiology and neurochemistry
Basil, Jennifer
Comparative cognition and sensory ecology
Beeler, Jeff
Behavioral Neuroscience, Basal ganglia, learning/motivation, dopamine
Bikson, Marom
Neural Engineering, Translational Neuroscience, Medical Device Design, Neuromodulation
Bodnar, Richard
Behavioral pharmacology; Conditioned flavor preferences; food intake
Broderick, Patricia A.
In vivo microvoltammetry; neurotransmitters and behavior; human epilepsy; cocaine addiction; schizophrenia; depression and anxiety
Brumberg, Joshua
Electrophysiology, imaging and anathomy of cortical circuits in the rodent somatosensoty cortex, in vivo and in vitro.
Burghardt, Nesha
Behavioral, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental
Casaccia, Patrizia
Epigenetic regulation of oligodendroglia in development and disease/ Environmental control of brain health and disease, Gut-brain communication/ Multiple Sclerosis/ Glial Tumors
Chauhan, Abha
Oxidative stress in autism, amyloid beta-protein fibrillization in Alzheimer
Chua, Elizabeth
Cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying memory and metacognition
Delamater, Andrew
Neurobehavioral mechanisms of associative learning
Dennis, Tracy
Mobile mental health
Duncan, Robert
Cognitive neuroscience of visual function
Edelman, Jay Alan
Guidance of eye movements by vision, memory and cognition
El-Idrissi, Abdeslem
Synaptic plasticity and mechanisms of epileptogenecity
Ellmore, Timothy M.
Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
Emerson, Mark M.
Cone photoreceptor development; Cis-regulatory elements in neuronal development and transcriptional specificity.
Emmanouil, Tatiana Aloi
Cognitive Neuroscience of Visual Perception, Attention and Awareness
Esber, William
Fan, Jin
fMRI, attentional networks
Feinstein, Paul G.
Molecular cellular development
Fertuck, Eric
Cognitive neuroscience of social psychopathology.
Figueiredo-Pereira, Maria
Neurodegeneration: focus on the field of protein degradation
Foldi, Nancy
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging and Dementia
Forlano, Paul M.
Behavioral neuroendocrinology, cellular and molecular neuroethology of vocal-acoustic communication in fishes, comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Freedland, Robert
Evaluating the relationship between walking gait profiles in young children and earlier behavioral and neurophysiological assessments.
Friedman, Allyson
Dissecting the neural circuits that mediate social behaviors in healthy and diseased states.
Friedman, Eitan
Signal transduction, G.protein coupled receptors, neuronal plasticity
Gao, Yu
Neuroscience of Behavior Disorders
Ghilardi, M. Felice
Goldfarb, Mitchell
Sodium channel structure/function/modulation, synaptic transmission, epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmia, somatosensation, spatial memory
Gong, Cheng-Xin
The molecular mechanism of neurofibrillary degeneration in Alzheimer's
Goodman, Jeffrey H.
Development of deep brain electrical stimulation as a therapy for epilepsy
Grose-Fifer, Jill
Developmental cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience of memory and decision making, neural correlates of psychopathy
Halperin, Jeffrey
Developmental Psychopathology
Hauber, Mark
Evolution of social recognition, recognition systems, brood parasitism, neuroethology
Horvitz, Jon C.
Neurochemistry of Motivation
Hua, Shao-Ying
Speed of interneuronal communication
Iqbal, Khalid
Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions, disease mechanisms, biomarkers and preclinical therapeutic studies; neurofibrillary *(tau) pathology and neuroregeneration with neurotrophic peptide mimetics.
Jenab, Shirzad
Neuroscience of drug abuse and addiction
Jenkins, Edmund
The study of telomere length in people with Down syndrome with and without mild cognitive impairment and/or dementia (Alzheimer's Disease)
Junaid, Mohammed A.
Changes in gene expression in neurodegeneration
Kacinik, Natalie
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Kim, Junghoon
Traumatic brain injury, neurorehabilitation, executive function
Kluger, Alan
Aging, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), longitudinal decline. and cognitive decline
Knikou, Maria
Human neural basis of motor control, spinal neuronal circuits, electromagnetic stimulation of the central nervous system, neuronal plasticity, recovery of neurological disorders
Kottmann, Andreas H.
Understanding the regulation of structural plasticity in the adult brain during motor learning and memory; neurogenesis; molecular etiology of progressive neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and ALS.
Krishnan, Anjali
Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging Methods
L'Amoreaux, William J.
Neuroendocrine control of glucose homeostasis
Levitt, Jonathan
Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways, organization and development of mammalian cerebral cortex
Li, Andrea
Visual perception and psychophysics
Li, Christine
Understanding how different chemicals in the nervous system affect behavior. Using genetic model systems to understand neurodegenerative diseases
Likhtik, Ekaterina
Neural syntax of learning and emotional processing, threat and safety, cortical-subcortical communication, inhibitory systems, amygdala.
Lim, Hyungsik
Multiphoton microscopy of live tissue, biomedical instrumentation
Ma, Pokay
Structure, functional relationships, development of the nervous system
Mangels, Jennifer
Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and Motivation
Mano, Itzhak
Genetic and physiological analysis of glutamate signaling in C. elegans
Martin, John H.
Understanding development of the motor systems and motor behavior; repair of the damaged motor systems
McCloskey, Dan
Understanding spontaneous patterns of activity in the brain under normal conditions and in neurological and psychological disorders
Nomura, Yoko
Neurobiology and Developmental Psychopathology
Oviedo, Hysell
Function and dysfunction of auditory circuits
Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Philips, Greg R.
Synaptic development, intracellular trafficking, cell adhesion.
Preuss, Thomas
Comparative Neuroscience of Decision Making
Pytte, Carolyn
Adult Neurogenesis
Quinones-Jenab, Vanya
Drug abuse, hormonal effects on behaviors and intracellular mechanisms, gender differences in drug abuse and pain responses.
Rabin, Laura
Cognitive and Neurophysiological Changes Associated with Preclinical Dementia
Ro, Tony
Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Perception
Rodriguez-Contreras, Adrian
Role of neural activity and early sensory experience in the development of auditory circuits involved in sound localization in rodents
Schafe, Glenn
Neurobiology of learning, memory, emotion and stress
Sclafani, Anthony
Neurobiology of Taste and Appetite
Serrano, Peter
Behavioral and molecular neuroscience of stress effects on learning and memory
Silverstein, Brett
Depression, Epidemiology, Gender; Increasing Diversity in Government Service
Sircar, Ratna
Developmental neuroplasticity; neurobiology of learning and memory
Tchernichovski, Ofer
The use of songbirds to study mechanisms of vocal learning
Walder, Deborah
Neurodevelopmental Aspects of Mental Health Risk
Wang, Hoau -Yan
Molecular mechanism, pathophsiology & neurodegenerative diseases
Weierich, Mariann
Neurobiological and behavioral mechanisms underlying stress and stress-related disorders
Wieraszko, Andrzej
Synaptic plasticity in the brain
Yetnikoff, Leora
Development and plasticity of dopamine circuitry, with an emphasis on adolescence. Why is adolescence such a uniquely vulnerable period in the lifespan? How do drugs of abuse administered during adolescence alter the development of dopamine circuitry?
Zeigler, H. Philip
Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Integration