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City College of New York

Amarasingham, Asohan
Systems, Statistical analysis of large-scale extracellular recordings, the study of neuronal circuits and their models, neural coding
Amarasingham, Asohan
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Bikson, Marom
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Edelman, Jay Alan
Guidance of eye movements by vision, memory and cognition
Ellmore, Timothy M.
Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
Emerson, Mark M.
Cone photoreceptor development; Cis-regulatory elements in neuronal development and transcriptional specificity.
Fertuck, Eric
Cognitive neuroscience of social psychopathology
Horvitz, Jon C.
Neurochemistry of Motivation
Kim, Junghoon
Traumatic brain injury, neurorehabilitation, executive function
Levitt, Jonathan
Neurophysiology and neuroanatomy of the central visual pathways, organization and development of mammalian cerebral cortex
Li, Christine
Understanding how different chemicals in the nervous system affect behavior. Using genetic model systems to understand neurodegenerative diseases
Mano, Itzhak
Genetic and physiological analysis of glutamate signaling in C. elegans
Oviedo, Hysell
Function and dysfunction of auditory circuits
Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Rodriguez-Contreras, Adrian
Role of neural activity and early sensory experience in the development of auditory circuits involved in sound localization in rodents
Silverstein, Brett
Depression, Epidemiology, Gender; Increasing Diversity in Government Service
Sircar, Ratna
Developmental neuroplasticity; neurobiology of learning and memory