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Burghardt, Nesha
Behavioral, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental
Casaccia, Patrizia
Epigenetic regulation of oligodendroglia in development and disease/ Environmental control of brain health and disease, Gut-brain communication/ Multiple Sclerosis/ Glial Tumors
Dennis, Tracy
Mobile mental health
Feinstein, Paul G.
Molecular cellular development
Figueiredo-Pereira, Maria
Neurodegeneration: focus on the field of protein degradation
Friedman, Allyson
Dissecting the neural circuits that mediate social behaviors in healthy and diseased states.
Goldfarb, Mitchell
Sodium channel structure/function/modulation, synaptic transmission, epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmia, somatosensation, spatial memory
Hauber, Mark
Evolution of social recognition, recognition systems, brood parasitism, neuroethology
Jenab, Shirzad
Neuroscience of drug abuse and addiction
Likhtik, Ekaterina
Neural syntax of learning and emotional processing, threat and safety, cortical-subcortical communication, inhibitory systems, amygdala.
Lim, Hyungsik
Multiphoton microscopy of live tissue, biomedical instrumentation
Preuss, Thomas
Comparative Neuroscience of Decision Making
Quinones-Jenab, Vanya
Drug abuse, hormonal effects on behaviors and intracellular mechanisms, gender differences in drug abuse and pain responses.
Schafe, Glenn
Neurobiology of learning, memory, emotion and stress
Serrano, Peter
Behavioral and molecular neuroscience of stress effects on learning and memory
Tchernichovski, Ofer
The use of songbirds to study mechanisms of vocal learning
Weierich, Mariann
Neurobiological and behavioral mechanisms underlying stress and stress-related disorders
Zeigler, H. Philip
Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Integration