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Computational/Theoretical Neuroscience

Amarasingham, Asohan
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Amarasingham, Asohan
Systems, Statistical analysis of large-scale extracellular recordings, the study of neuronal circuits and their models, neural coding
Bikson, Marom
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Delamater, Andrew
Neurobehavioral mechanisms of associative learning
Duncan, Robert
Cognitive neuroscience of visual function
Goldfarb, Mitchell
Sodium channel structure/function/modulation, synaptic transmission and autism
McCloskey, Dan
Understanding spontaneous patterns of activity in the brain under normal conditions and in neurological and psychological disorders
Melara, Robert
Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention; Formal Models of Cognition
Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging