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Neural Plasticity

Duncan, Robert
Cognitive neuroscience of visual function
Forlano, Paul M.
Behavioral neuroendocrinology, cellular and molecular neuroethology of vocal-acoustic communication in fishes, comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Freedland, Robert
Evaluating the relationship between walking gait profiles in young children and earlier behavioral and neurophysiological assessments.
Knikou, Maria
Human neural basis of motor control, spinal neuronal circuits, electromagnetic stimulation of the central nervous system, neuronal plasticity, recovery of neurological disorders
Kottmann, Andreas H.
Understanding the regulation of structural plasticity in the adult brain during motor learning and memory; neurogenesis; molecular etiology of progressive neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease and ALS.
Luine, Victoria
Neurochemistry of sexual behavior, aging and memory
Mano, Itzhak
Neuronal cell death that occurs when the brain is flooded with too much of the neurotransmitter glutamate
Melara, Robert
Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention; Formal Models of Cognition
Parra, Lucas
Probabilistic modeling of neuronal signals with particular focus on real-time neuro imaging
Ro, Tony
Neural mechanisms of perception, attention, and action
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