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Systems Neuroscience

Amarasingham, Asohan
Neural circuits and their models, neural coding, statistics of neurophysiological signals
Amarasingham, Asohan
Systems, Statistical analysis of large-scale extracellular recordings, the study of neuronal circuits and their models, neural coding
Banerjee, Shailesh P.
Bikson, Marom
Neural engineering, electric field-neuronal interactions, epilepsy, medical devices
Brumberg, Joshua
Electrophysiology, imaging and anathomy of cortical circuits in the rodent somatosensoty cortex, in vivo and in vitro.
Chan, Christopher
Cerebellar neuronal interactions: electrophysiology
Duncan, Robert
Cognitive neuroscience of visual function
Forlano, Paul M.
Behavioral neuroendocrinology, cellular and molecular neuroethology of vocal-acoustic communication in fishes, comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy
Gordon, James
Visual psychophysics and retinal physiology
Horvitz, Jon C.
Neurochemistry of Motivation
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