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Robert Singer
Position: (Full) Professor
Campus Affiliation: Kingsborough Community College
Degrees/Diplomas: PhD NYU, Comparative Literature
Research Interests: Interdisciplinary Studies, American Studies, Film Studies, Comparative Literature

Interests: narrative theory and practice, adaptation, Realism/Naturalism, intertextual analytics, and the avant-garde

Tracks taught in MALS:

American Studies, New York Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Film Studies

Courses Taught in MALS:

American Culture and Values

Introduction to American Studies: History and Methodologies

Narratives of New York: Literature and the Visual Arts

Science and Technology: Literature and the Visual Arts

MALS cross-listed with Film Studies:

Realism and Naturalism in Literature and Film

Pageantry and Power: Film as Historical Narrative
Film Aesthetics



I am the co-editor of a multivolume series in Film/American Studies to be published by Edinburgh University Press entitled, ReFocusForgotten American Directors, to begin publishing in 2015. Among the directors are: Ida Lupino, Lois Weber, Amy Heckerling, Walter Hill, Delmar Daves, Spencer Williams, Budd Boetticher, and Preston Sturges.
“Performing Norman/Norman Performing: Mailer as Actor/Auteur,” The Mailer Review, 2016
“The Dancing Heel: The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond and the Bio-Pic,” ReFocus on Budd Boetticher, (Edinburgh University Press 2015)
“True Nervous”: American Expressionist Cinema and the Destabilized Male,” Expressionism in Global Cinema, (Edinburgh University Press 2015)
“The Engaged and the Entrapped: Women in International Silent Cinema,” Regards Croisés: Naturalisme / Olhares Cruzados: Naturalismo, Centro de Estudos Comparatistas (Portugal 2014)
My Mamie Rose/Regeneration” as a New York Narrative,” PostScript, (Winter 2014)
“The ‘How Big Is It?’ Combo: Noir Casualties,” The Films of Joseph H. Lewis (Wayne State University, 2012)
“Gerhard Lamprecht’s Berlin: Physiognomy of a City,” co-authored with Diane Smith, published in Dedalus, (Portugal, 2009)
“Nothing to Hyde: Reading Edgar Ulmer’s The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll,” Edgar G. Ulmer: Detour on Poverty Row (Lexington Press, 2008)
Presented papers, lectures, and exhibitions
Presentation at the Fourth Annual International Poe Conference entitled, “Poe’s American Neo-Expressionist Adaptations,” 2015.
Respondent at the Columbia Film Seminar series: "An Embarrassing Genre: Patriotic Films of the 21st Century from China, Cuba, & the USA," 2014.
Presentation at the AIZEN Conference, “Naturalism and Meat,” for the Radical Naturalism panel, New Orleans, 2014.

“About Me”

I am delighted to work at the CUNY Graduate Center with MALS students. I try to bring my love of literature, film, and interdisciplinary studies into the active and engaged classroom. Although I am not a blog/twitter person, I am fascinated by the use of technology and new media in the classroom and in personal life.

I look forward to meeting you.