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Bioethics, Science, and Society


MALS students take four classes within the program—Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies, two core courses in their chosen track, and the thesis—and choose their remaining electives from among all courses offered across the doctoral and certificate programs at the Graduate Center.



MALS Track in Bioethics, Science, and Society

The MALS track in Bioethics, Science, and Society is designed to provide students with an introduction to the field of science and technology studies and the ethical issues they raise. This program takes a broad view of science and technology drawing upon the history and sociology of science. It also addresses the ethical concerns of science in both technological and medical contexts by drawing upon moral and political philosophy. The first two core courses provide a detailed survey of the concepts of science, for example, during the Scientific Revolution from the pioneering work of Copernicus to the grand synthesis provided by Newton; and the practice of science and medicine using the approach of sociologists and anthropologists to understand how science and society have interacted from the Renaissance to the present through the formation of scientific societies, the Industrial Revolution, and in the atomic age, to give but three examples. The third core course provides the conceptual tools for addressing both bioethical issues that involve policies for an entire society and cases that involve decisions for individual patients. This course is taught at Mount Sinai School of Medicine where MALS students study with MSSM medical students as well as students from Masters programs in Genetics Counseling, Clinical Research, and Public Health. In addition to exploring how advances in science and technology map onto the moral landscape, the core course serves as a model for approaching other issues in applied ethics. In all, the MALS Bioethics, Science, and Society track provides students with the basic knowledge they need in bioethics, science, and technology studies to allow them to pursue their interests by enrolling in an array of courses offered in multiple disciplines by other programs at the Graduate Center.

Core Courses: Bioethics, Science, and Society
MALS 74100 The Conceptual Structure of Science, 3 credits
MALS 74200 The Practice of Science and Medicine, 3 credits
MALS 74300 Bioethics: Policies and Cases, 3 credits

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