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Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir


Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir


MALS students take four classes within the program—Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies, two core courses in their chosen track, and the thesis—and choose their remaining electives from among all courses offered across the doctoral and certificate programs at the Graduate Center.


MALS Track in Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir

Diarists and bloggers and writers of letters and emails enjoy what some call “life writing”; celebrity culture and the media have increased popular interest in biography and autobiography. In a broad variety of professions, people write profiles, obituaries, or case studies. Within the academy, personal writing provides source material for historians and biographers; literary scholars continue to trawl the archives for hidden gems in these so-called minor genres; and theorists of autobiography and biography continue to amass a formidable bibliography. The aim of the MALS track in Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir is to explore the various kinds and the long history of life writing (from, e.g., Plutarch) and its importance within the disciplines (from art history to science studies) and around them.

Core Courses
MALS 70900 Approaches to Life Writing, 3 credits
MALS 71000 Forms of Life Writing, 3 credits

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