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Film Studies


MALS students take four classes within the program—Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies, two core courses in their chosen track, and the thesis—and choose their remaining electives from among courses offered across the doctoral and certificate programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the Graduate Center.



MALS Track in Film Studies


The MALS track in Film Studies is devoted to intensive analysis of the development and presence of international and national cinema as a medium and art form, from the silent era to the contemporary state of digital moviemaking. Students are introduced to various films and filmmakers, genre and themes, old and new technologies, and this study occurs in New York, a city whose unparalleled  film resources include Lincoln Center Library of Performing ArtsLincoln Center Theater, MOMA, Silvercup Studios, Anthology Film Archives, BAMcinématek, and Film Forum, among others, in addition to the very streets of New York, where so much history is celluloid in composition. Whether analyzing and writing about the latest films from Iran, Korean gangsters, Buster Keaton’s art of survival, Apocalypse Now, anime, or any representative art or artist, the MALS student is introduced to various cinematic canons, as well as to relevant sets of theoretical film discourse.

Degree Requirements

This Master's degree program requires the following coursework for a total of 30 credits:

  • A required introductory course [MALS 70000: Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies].

  • Two required core courses, which may be selected from three core courses in Film Studies [MALS 77200 I & II, and MALS 77100].

  • 18 credits from courses of the student's choice.

  • A master's thesis or a thesis project, which may also contain a creative component [MALS 79000].

Core Courses

  • MALS 77200 Film History I, 3 credits

  • MALS 77200 Film History II 3 credits

  • MALS77100 Aesthetics of Film, 3 credits

Elective Courses

Electives can be chosen among courses offered across most of the doctoral and certificate programs in the Social Sciences and the Humanities at the Graduate Center.
For related coursework in Film Studies, students may look to offerings in the certificate programs in Film Studies and Critical Theory and the doctoral programs in Art History, Comparative Literature, and English.


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