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Jewish Studies


MALS students take four classes within the program—Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies, two core courses in their chosen track, and the thesis—and choose their remaining electives from among all courses offered across the doctoral and certificate programs at the Graduate Center.


MALS Track in Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is a multi-disciplinary intellectual endeavor committed to the dispassionate investigation of every aspect of Jewish culture, history, religion and society. As a building block of Western civilization, as a touchstone for thinking about the critical issues that face humanity, Jewish studies adds an invaluable dimension and another way to view the universal through the particular. As a vibrant and growing field, Jewish Studies offers a rigorous, dynamic and theoretically informed body of scholarly work that is integral to the academic enterprise.

Jewish Studies encompasses virtually all disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Jewish Studies track in MALS is inherently inter-disciplinary. It will encourage students to construct their own program of study that combines courses in Jewish Studies with courses in other tracks to create intellectually coherent and challenging modules.

Core Courses:
MALS 76100 Traditional Patterns of Jewish Behavior and Thought, 3 credits
MALS 76200 Continuities and Discontinuities in Modern Jewish Life, 3 credits

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