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Ten graduate-level courses (worth thirty credits) are required to complete the Program. These include (a) two required foundational courses, MES 71000: Approaches to the Study of the Middle East, and MES 73000: History of the Modern Middle East, which students should take ideally during their first year; and (b) completing a capstone project through the Capstone Seminar (MES 79001) or researching and writing a thesis under the supervision of an advisor (MES 79700). The other, elective courses may be MAMES courses or cross-listed Middle East-related courses offered through one of the Graduate Center’s Ph. D. Programs (with that Program’s permission) or one of the MA Programs of CUNY’s colleges. In addition, students are expected to gain an intermediate-level proficiency in a Middle Eastern language of their choice.
Students should consult regularly with the Program’s advisors on issues ranging from selecting and sequencing courses, to locating appropriate language programs, thinking about internship opportunities, deciding whether to opt for the Capstone Seminar or for writing a thesis, and identifying a thesis advisor.