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Program and Reception for Commencement

Spring 2016

Program and Reception for 2016 Commencement

Our MA and PhD graduates with professors

Our MA and PhD graduates

Graduating MA student Elida Jbeili 

Graduating student Justin Tessier

Graduating MA student Amnah Almukhtar with family

Graduating MA student Ilan Benattar who won Outstanding Student Award in 2016 for the MA-MES program

Graduating MA student Dean Schafer

Graduating MA student Ilan Benattar with his family and Dr. Anny Bakalian

Graduating MA student Lerone Edalati

Spring 2015

Commencement Lunch Party for 2015 Graduates

MA Graduates for 2015 with professors

MA Graduates Marwa Janini and Hala Embabi with other MA students

MA Graduate Faris al-Ahmad with Professor Chris Stone

Professor Simon Davis and Professor Anthony Alessandrini 

Professor Helie-Lucas and MA Graduate Rhoda Ismail with her mother

MA Graduate Marwa Janini winning Outstanding MA-MES Student Award from Professor Simon Davis and Associate MEMEAC Director Dr. Anny Bakalian

Marwa Janini Outstanding MA-MES Student with her father

Spring 2014

Commencement Lunch

PhD Graduates Kinan Azmeh and Ozan Aksoy with Prof. Blum

MA graduate Jared Iacolucci with alumna Jenn Nina

MA graduate Ian Vandermeulen with his parents

MA Graduate Janko M. Šćepanović with his father and friend

MA Graduate Jenna Daley with her parents

PhD Graudate Ozan Aksoy with Dr. Sarpel

Prof. Shannon with graduate sutdent Douaa Sheet

MA Graduate Lynn Perkins with Prof. Davis

MA Graduate Anahid Hanounik-Huth with Prof. Davis, Prof. LeGall, and Prof. Turner

MA Graduate Dennis Cummins

MA Graduate George Melissinos

MA Graduates Ian Vandermeulen and Lynn Perkins

Ian Vandermeulen Outstanding MA-MES Student

Phd Graduate Kinan Azmeh with Associate MEMEAC Director Dr. Anny Bakalian

The Graduates in Cap and Gown with Professors

Spring 2013

The Graduates

The Graduates in Cap and Gown with Professor Baron

Avishan Bodjnoud Outstanding MA-MES Student                                

Graduation Cake