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Thesis Guidelines

  1. Choose one original research paper from an MA-MES course for revision and expansion into a circa 40-page thesis. Get permission in writing (via email) from the faculty member who read your paper in his/her course to be your Advisor.
  2. Present a thesis proposal (about two pages) to the Curriculum Committee, including the following information: Proposed title of the thesis; a short discussion of research questions, methodology, sources, and anticipated key findings/argument; and bibliography.
  3. Sign up for MES 79000: Thesis Writing Seminar (3-credits) two semesters prior to your intention to deposit your thesis. MES 79000 will meet bi-weekly throughout the year; students are required to participate in the seminar for two semesters prior to filing. That is, students intending to file in the fall should start attending the seminar in the spring; students intending to file in the spring should start attending the seminar in the fall. In this seminar, students will discuss research and writing problems, present work in progress, and review formatting and filing procedures.
  4. The faculty member running MES 79000: Thesis Writing Seminar will be your Second Reader. If he/she is already your advisor, then the Curriculum Committee will assign you a Second Reader.
  5. Any research involving human subjects (e.g., ethnography, interviews and surveys) requires Internal Review Board (IRB) approval. Please see the Office of Sponsored Research web site for additional information, deadlines, etc. [] or talk to Kay Powell, IRB Administrator [ or 212.817.7525], Room 8309.
  6. Timetable to completion:

a)    Six weeks before the deposit date (see below) give a draft of the thesis to the First Reader/Advisor;

b)    At least one month before the deposit deadline, and after incorporating the First Reader/Advisor’s comments, give the thesis to the Second Reader.

c)    Two weeks before the deposit deadline, give the revised thesis to the First Reader/Advisor for approval. At this time, if the First and Second Readers find the thesis satisfactory, they jointly decide on the final grade for MES 79000 and submit the grade.

  1. At least two weeks before the filing deadline, make an appointment with the Thesis Assistant, Judy Waldman, in Room 2304 in the Mina Rees Library (212-817-7069). Ms Waldman will review your penultimate version of the thesis. She will set another appointment with you for receiving the final thesis in bond paper and an extra copy.

8.  For formatting requirements and further information about the thesis click here  (Mina Rees Library Dissertations & Theses Page).

Deposit Deadlines


For Degree Date

Enrollment Required

Deposit Required By

February 1

Preceding Fall term

Last business day in January

May/June Commencement

Spring term

May 1

October 1

Preceding Spring term

September 15


9.     Please complete the exit survey for the MA-MES program sent to you electronically by the Associate Director of MA-MES.