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The Linguistics Program at the Graduate Center is designed to provide students with sound training in a wide variety of language-related areas. Students earn their Ph.D. or M.A. degree leading to careers in teaching and scientific research. Building on core offerings in current grammatical theory, the student may elect to specialize in either theoretical, experimental, or applied areas.

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Students graduate from the program with the ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of at least one core area of linguistics and having completed original research. Throughout their tenure at the Graduate Center, students are encouraged to present their original research at professional conferences and submit research papers for peer-reviewed journals.

The program also offers, at the M.A. level, a degree in general linguistics, and a concentration in Computational Linguistics.


Students choose a specialization in which to conduct research and gain further knowledge. Specializations include Computational Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Phonology, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Spanish Linguistics, and Syntax. Additional areas of interest are Historical Linguistics, Morphology, Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, and other topics in the linguistic realities of urban centers. The specializations involve areas of cognitive science and lend themselves to interdisciplinary approaches. Our faculty members specialize in a wide range of languages. Work on endangered and under-documented languages is strongly encouraged.


The Graduate Center's Linguistics Program sponsors talks and series in many areas of interest to the linguistic community. Speakers include faculty and students from our own program as well as visiting researchers and professionals. We especially encourage our students to avail themselves of the broader intellectual perspective offered by these events, which are open to members of the community who are interested in linguistics.

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Gita Martohardjono

Executive Officer

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Nishi Bissoondial

Assistant Program Officer

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