Fellowship Recipients

Prior to One Stop (Fellowship Recipients)

For all new Multi-Year Fellowship Recipients (Graduate Center Fellows, CUNY Science Scholars, Science Fellows, Provost's Enhancement Fellows, Neuroscience Fellows, Mathematics Fellows) and all new One-Year Graduate Assistant B or D Fellowship Recipients, to ensure that you have taken all the steps necessary to prepare for the coming semester, please do the following prior to One Stop:

(Students who are receiving a tuition award or tuition fellowship only are not required to attend an HR Orientation.)

Get on Payroll

  • Register for an HR Orientation online.
  • Print and complete an HR employment packet, and bring the completed packet with you to your HR Orientation.
  • Prepare to bring your original Social Security Card, and other acceptable identification documents (e.g., U.S. or foreign passport, permanent resident card). Please see HR packet for a list of acceptable I‐9 documents.

Student Visas (Int’l Students only)

  • (Int’l Students only) Check in with the Office of International Students upon arrival in the United States.
  • (Int’l Students only) Make arrangements to attend the International Student Orientation session prior to One Stop.
  • (Int’l Students only) Register for GLACIER. Complete the Determination of Tax Status form and return it to the Bursar’s Office at the Graduate Center.


  • Update your address with the Registrar (online option available).
  • If applicable, attend your doctoral program’s orientation for registration advisement. Contact your doctoral program to see about applicable dates and times.
  • Register for classes on Student Web.

Financial Aid and Fellowship Packaging

Direct Deposit

  •  (Optional) If you want to enroll in direct deposit, bring a voided check or have your bank representative fill out the Direct Deposit form.  Return this form to the Bursar's office.

Student Affairs

Security and Weather Alerts

  • Sign up to receive Graduate Center emergency or weather related text and voice alerts via your cell, home phone or email. Sign up for CUNY Alert at  http://www.cuny.edu/alert.

Ready for One Stop

Once you have completed the applicable steps above, you will be ready for One Stop, where you attend an HR Orientation (be sure to register and to complete a packet beforehand), print your paid billget your ID cardopen your library account, and answer any questions about your fellowship, financial aid, health insurance, or your computer account.

(If you are a not a Multi-Year Fellowship Recipient or a One-Year Graduate Assistant B or D, please proceed to this New Student Checklist.)