Admissions FAQ


Admissions FAQ


Can I apply to a GC doctoral program and a GC master’s program?

If you have received a decision for a doctoral program and wish to be considered for the Master's in Liberal Studies program, you may do so as long as they are still considering applications.

Can I apply to more than one doctoral program?

You may only apply to one program at a time in a current admissions cycle.  If you have received a decision for a doctoral program and wish to be considered for another program that still is accepting applications, you may do so.

How can I pay the admissions application fee?

After you have completed the online application form, you will be asked to submit the form for review.  A payment page will then appear asking you to select your payment method.  You may pay online with a credit card or by sending in a check by mail.

How do I upload an unofficial transcript if my institution does not provide unofficial copies?

If your institution does not provide an unofficial or online student copy of the transcript, then you need to request an official one to be sent to you.  That copy should be opened, scanned and uploaded into the online application form. You may want to request 2 copies from the issuing institution and keep one unopened, so that if you are admitted you will have an official copy available to forward to the Office of Admission prior to registration. Only admitted applicants are required to send an official transcript. 

How do I upload pdf files that are more than 600 mb?

To ensure that your file is smaller than the maximum size, you may have to scan your file at the lowest DPI that produces a legible image. In most cases, you will be able to use a DPI under 200.

Do not scan in color. Use grey scale if possible; otherwise, use black and white.

If the file already exists as a download from your institution, please take a look at this adobe page with instructions that can assist you in reducing the size of an existing pdf file .
For all Journalism writing samples, if the size absolutely cannot be reduced to less than 600kb, then upload one document with a url/link to a hosted file. 

I took the GRE more than five years ago, will you accept it? .

GRE General and Subject exam scores are valid for five years.  You will need to take the test again if your scores are older than five years. 

If my intended program requests a writing sample, how do I submit it?

Please submit writing samples by upoloading them into the online application system. Please be sure to include your full name and date of birth on the writing sample.

Can any of my supporting documents arrive after the deadline?

All supporting documents need to have been uploaded to the online application system by the program's deadline. 

Can I request to waive the application fee?

The application fee cannot be waived.

Do I need to take the GRE if I already have a Masters Degree?

If you are applying for a doctoral degree (with the exception of the Social Welfare PhD), you will need to take the GRE General exam regardless of whether or not you have already obtained a Masters Degree.  Certain programs require or recommend the GRE Subject test in addition to the General test.  Please refer to the deadline chart for details. 

How can I apply for scholarships and fellowship opportunities?

All doctoral applicants are automatically considered for all school based funding (including scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships) when you submit your completed application.

How can I remind my recommenders to submit their recommendation letters online?

You can log back into the online application system at any time to check if your recommenders have submitted their letters via the online system.  You may also resend them a reminder to complete the recommendation. 

What are tuition and fee costs?

The current tuition and fee costs can be found here.

What is the Graduate Center’s institutional code for the GRE/TOEFL/GMAT?

The institutional code for the GRE and the TOEFL is 2113.
The institutional code for the GMAT is XWT-S7-47.

What is the minimum GRE or TOEFL score?

There are no minimum scores that guarantee admission.  Each program takes into consideration all the elements of an application. 

What is the reapplication process if I have applied for admissions in the past?

First you need to submit a new application form and application fee for the current admissions cycle.  If you have submitted an online application in the past two years, all your supporting materials will remain on file and do not need to be resent.  If you started an application but did not submit it or you submitted an application more than two years ago, you will need to resend your supporting materials.

What is the transfer of credit process?

On average, programs do not accept more than 15 transfer credits.  However, each case is reviewed individually and transfer credits will only be evaluated if you are admitted to a program and after you have begun the registration process.

When is my application due?

The admissions deadlines for each program are listed on our deadline page. Please note that different programs have different deadlines.

On the online application, the LookUp screen I can't locate an institution

For institutions within the United States, the most effective method of locating institutions using this screen is to type in only the CITY field. If you cannot locate the institution by CITY, then type in only the NAME field. If that does not result in locating the institution, please type in "Undelcared" in the NAME field and select "Undeclared Domestic" as the institution.

For institutions outside of the United States, please search first by selecting only CITY. If that does not result in locating the institution, search only by NATION field. If that does not result in locating the institution, please select "Nation: Foreign Inst" for that country. (For example, if you are searching for a Canadian institution that does not appear on the list for Canada, select "Canada: Foreign Inst")

When will I be notified of an admissions decision?

Most decisions are made within 4 to 8 weeks after the program deadline. 

Who should be my recommenders if I've been out of school for many years?

It is in your best interest to try to reconnect with faculty who can speak to your academic ability.  However, if you are absolutely unable to obtain academic letters of recommendation, you may request other letters, but they should address your ability to complete an academically rigorous program rather than provide a professional or personal recommendation.