Student Counseling Services offers a series of workshops throughout the academic year. Workshops address such topics as procrastination, stress management, the imposter syndrome, work inhibition, public speaking, parenting and more. Our workshops calendar is listed below, followed by descriptions and detatils of each workshop.
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Spring 2015 Workshop Schedule

Getting What You Need From Your Advisor
February 5
Room 8301
Acclimate to New York
March 13
Room 9204
The Imposter Syndrome
April 15
Room 9204
Dissertation Drop-In Hour
February 25
Room 6422
Dissertation Drop-In Hour
March 11 & 25
Room 6422
Positive Parenting
April 16 (Part 1) & April 25 (Part 2)
Room 7209



To register for any of these workshops, please stop by the Wellness Center in Room 6422 to fill out an application. Be prepared to present your student I.D. with current validation sticker.  For more information, call our outreach number at (212) 817-8731 and leave a voice message. Your call will be returned promptly.

Dissertation Drop-In Hour
Daniel Rothenberg, Ph.D.
Please note that this is not a workshop or ongoing group.  Informal discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Daniel Rothenberg, of the Student Counseling Services, Wellness Center.

The Imposter Syndrome
Facilitated by Alice Mangan & Arielle Rubenstein
Do you often feel like a fraud, faking your way through graduate school, just waiting for your true inadequacies to be exposed for all to see?  Enduring and sometimes overwhelming feelings of fraudulence are central to psychological experience known as The Imposter Phenomenon.  In this interactive workshop, we will discuss The Imposter Phenomenon, and work to help students develop strategies to combat this often crippling experience.

Positive Parenting: Using Improved Communication To Set Limits
Facilitated by Dr. Pia Scaglione
Are you frustrated that communication patterns with your children have become negative and/or unproductive?  This workshop will help you develop the skills to be more effective with less stress, moving towards healthier and more positive interactions.

Dr. Pia Scaglione is a clinical psychologist offering individual therapy and various classes/workshops related to fertility and parenting in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Her areas of interest/expertise include- women's issues across the lifespan, depressive disorders, perinatal mood disorders, parenting, adjustment difficulties, bereavement, and fertility issues.


Acclimate to New York II
Aleksandra Rayska, M.A.
We invite anyone who identifies as an international student and who seeks support and connection to Acclimate to New York, a workshop for international students. This workshop is designed to meet the needs of international students who are interested in working together to address some of the common difficulties facing them such as: adapting to a new culture, making new friends, learning a new language, and meeting the demands of academic life.

Getting What You Need From Your Advisor
Arielle Shanok, Ph.D. & Hannah Wallerstein
Does your advisor seem to be avoiding you? Are your advisor’s expectations of you unclear or unrealistic? Is your advisor really the best fit for you? Your relationship with your advisor is vital to your success and well-being in grad school. This workshop will address: how to choose an advisor, how to build and maintain a working relationship with your advisor and what to do when problems occur.

Mindfulness for Stress & Anxiety
Dr. Paul Greene & Lily Thom
Are you feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Does it feel like you’re always somewhere else, ruminating about the past or worrying about the future?  

Mindfulness refers to a set of mental skills that we all possess; it involves our ability to concentrate on one thing for a sustained period of time, as well as our ability to take a non-evaluative and non-judgmental approach to our own thoughts.  These skills can be further developed through various exercises, including mindfulness meditation. Learning to take a more mindful approach has been demonstrated to be helpful in managing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and some emotional difficulties.  

Join us for a workshop to learn the basic principles of mindfulness and the techniques of mindfulness meditation.  All are welcome.

Dr. Paul Greene is a clinical psychologist in and the director of the Manhattan Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  In addition to clinical work, Dr. Greene is a professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has done extensive research on stress and health, coping with anxiety and cancer, and brain activity during meditation.

Lily Thom is a Predoctoral Clinical Fellow at Student Counseling Services at the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services.

Speaking With Confidence
Lois Feldman Ph.D. & Fred Stern Ph.D.
Speaking Circle Workshops offer you a remarkable opportunity to improve your speaking skills--to become more confident, more eloquent, more clear-headed in all the speaking situations that you are likely to encounter in graduate school - speaking up in classes and seminars, giving talks, presenting your ideas to a professor.
The Speaking Circle approach is simple, though it has powerful psychological underpinnings. Within this comfortable frame, participants gain surprising confidence in their ability to think on their feet.  Participants report that Speaking Circles helped them to trust in their own voice, strengthen their self-confidence and dramatically reduce their anxiety. We hope you will join us for this surprisingly fun and effective workshop.

Dr. Lois Feldman is a psychologist and a certified Speaking Circle facilitator who runs workshops on public speaking in corporations and other settings.  She has extensive experience helping students with issues pertaining to their graduate work.

Dr. Fred Stern is a psychologist in private practice. He runs public speaking seminars, and has worked extensively with graduate students, giving a variety of workshops at CUNY over the past fifteen years.

Stress and Perfectionism
Where does your stress live? In your shoulders? In your impatience with loved ones? In between you and a good night of sleep? This workshop will provide strategies to help you identify and manage the unavoidable stress of graduate student life. Ways of moderating perfectionism, a common contributor to stress in grad students, will be addressed.

Procrastination and Your Dissertation
Are you an ingenious procrastinator? Do you spend your time working "around" your dissertation rather than working on it? Are you a more obvious procrastinator - emailing, social networking, surfing the net, watching reality TV when you should get down to the business of writing? Feeling guilty, hopeless and helpless? You are not alone. Join us as we identify the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to procrastination and discuss the techniques that will get you moving towards, rather than against, graduation!