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As businesses, government and private household continue to adopt and promote environmentally practices, like weatherization, retrofitting, investing in clean energy, to name a few, these trends invariably increase demand for people who can provide these services, especially those who already work in construction, component manufacturing, professional services and building services.

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New York State Green Jobs Study

(Released April 2014)



Where are New York City’s green jobs and what skills do people need to get hired? With its partners - the New York State Department of Labor, the Advanced Energy Research Center at Stony Brook University, and the University of Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering -  NYCLMIS completed a groundbreaking study to answer these questions. The study rigorously measured employer demand for green jobs and the capacity of current educational and training offerings to prepare the labor supply in New York State. It focused on green economic activity in four industry clusters: construction, component manufacturing, professional services (except legal services), and building services.

The project was supported by the United States Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  NYCLMIS received additional support from CUNY’s Office of Adult and Continuing Education and the New York City Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and worked closely with the the New York City Employment and Training Coalition in undertaking the study.  On behalf of its partners, NYCLMIS compiled the final report available in full or by chapter below.

Summary of Key Findings - New York City
Summary of Key Findings - New York State
Occupational Spotlights

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Exploring Careers in
Building and Maintaining Green Buildings

(Released School Year 2012-2013)



For several years, NYCLMIS partnered with the NYC Department of Education to produce a series of career exploration brochures, including jobs in Building and Maintaining Green Buildings. Click here to learn more and explore other brochures in the series.

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Primer on Green Jobs

(Released May 2010)


Jobseekers and workforce providers need more concrete information to navigate the new and evolving green economy. Policy makers need to anticipate and fund the right amount of relevant training for incumbent, new, and dislocated workers in green occupations. The NYCLMIS' Introduction to New York City Green Jobs attempts to provide this information. The  report defines the green economy, identifies local industries that are most closely involved in it, defines green jobs, distinguishes new jobs from old jobs that require new skills, gives examples of green jobs likely to grow in New York City, and outlines the major factors that will affect the future demand for green jobs.

A great deal remains to be known about the prospect for green jobs in New York City. In the final section, the report describes a study being undertaken by the NYCLMIS. The study will assess the nature and extent of employer demand for green jobs and the supply of educational and training opportunities in New York City.

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Green Collar Training &
Workforce Development Conference

(Released July 2009)

PowerPoint presentation and data handouts containing the long-term outlook for occupations in selected green sectors in New York City. These materials were developed for and presented to over 100 workforce development providers at a meeting that was co-sponsored by the NYC Workforce Investment Board, the NYC Department of Small Business Services, and the Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability on July 22, 2009.

The New York City
Labor Market Information Service